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Wanted: Isabella "Izzy" Moonbow
Unicorn, lavender coat, blue mane
Medium sneaky
Reward: 100 bits
Magically capable and potentially dangerous. Approach with caution

Now with a dramatic reading by StraightToThePointStuio

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The summer has ended. A new school year has began. And Sunny has already gotten into a fight with another filly.

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A mysterious new restaurant/dating/cuddle service has been built near Ponyville.

Nopony knows exactly where it came from, who owns it or what it really offers.

Ah well, sounds like fun, right! :trollestia:

Content WARNING: huggles, snuggles, kissies, ponies being adorkable, floof play, nibbles and worst of all, boopies

Featured: 9/23-26/2022

"Absolutely adorable! c:"

~ Kryostasis

"Loved every second of it!"

~ Reily

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Sunset never backs down from a gaming challenge, but when she finally faces a boss she can't beat, frustration is getting the better of her. On the verge of giving up for the first time ever, her friends show up to see if they can help, but will they be enough or will this be the first boss she's had to accept defeat from?

Something lighthearted and fun for Sunset Shimmer day.

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It's Siblings Day in Zephyr Heights, and for Pipp that means another chance to obtain wholesome sister hugs for her livestream. Adamant to keep away from her sister's viral shenanigans, Zipp recruits Hitch to help her avoid the avid pop star.

Hitch, however, has his doubts about the whole thing.

Featured 3/20/2022 - 3/24/2022!

Live reading by StraightToThePointStudios:
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Ten years ago I began writing pony fiction for Gen 4 with a cute story about sisters. Today, I celebrate by doing so once again for Gen 5. :rainbowdetermined2:

* Edited by Double R Forrest and LevelDasher.
* Cover art by Luximus, insert art by JowyB, and author's note art by Tomiku.

Chapters (4)

Artowrk title: Next Generation Of Friends
By artist Grapefruit-Face

It was supposed to be a relaxing day at the beach, but it seems that even the tides of luck weren't in the Mane Five's favour.

Chapters (1)

Inspired by the fanart Everyday Horror
By artist InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

In Ponyville's local flower shop, three ponies were looking forward to a nice relaxing day going through their orders and sales. This was going to be a good relaxing morning. However, this is Ponyville, where anything big and small can happen.

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Hearts and Hooves Day is approaching, and Doctor Whooves wishes to make the holiday feel the most festive along with the help of his best companion, Derpy.

However, a centuries old tradition may jeopardize his plans, for a stone cold obstacle threatens his chance at success.

Hijinks and lowjinks ensue.

Chapters (5)

Just when Cadence is prepped for a period of R&R, she is suddenly thrust into filly-sitting for Flurry Heart. Sounds easy enough, but then again... you'd be wrong. A wild day of crazy shenanigans ensues between a mother and a daughter.

Submiting for Cadance Is A Terrible Mom contest

*Featured 4/14/21*

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For her crimes against Canterlot, Queen Chrysalis is stripped of her sinister powers and reduced to a harmless, stubborn little foal, left in the care of the royal guards until she willingly reforms.

But even in this powerless state, nothing will stop the rogue changeling's quest for vengeance.

Even if she's put in time out...

Leave a comment for Chryssy. 💖🗡

"Deceptively cute!"

~ evan555alpha

"Ooohh, how I wish this was canon."

~ SuperSaiyanDiclonius

"This made my morning. :rainbowlaugh:"

~ Auriorium

Featured 4/14, 4/15, 4/16, & 4/17/21

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