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Princess Celestia has saved up on more than a thousand years of being a good ruler. That nets her one day off, in being free, to enjoy the nation as a giantess. Dressing by cranes, city destruction, Kaiju invasions, rump show-off, and much more.

At least Celly is an absolute cutie!

Gift for the amazing NC!

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It was supposed to be a normal weekend sleepover at Rainbow’s house, not like the one three weeks ago when they summoned a demon by accident, but the night of fun for the girls got interrupted by a sudden blackout, and if that wasn’t enough, Sunset’s powers went out of control, giving her an insatiable desire to snuggle her friends.

Inspired by the adorable cover art done by DrakeyC

Featured a few hours after release :yay:

Generously edited by Night-Quill

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coverart by 0Bluse (thanks for the help finding them, luckyboys121)and can be found HERE. Found it in a blog and the idea just popped into my head.

Twilight Sparkle is the top student of Crystal Prep... but she does not like being there. Everyone is always trying to one up each other and no one wants to be friends.

The only person who shows her any care is her sister-in-law, Dean Cadance, now that her brother is long since gone from the school and the only real friend she has there is her dog, Spike.

Thankfully, something odd has been occurring not too far from Crystal Prep's rival school, Canterlot High, that has been keeping her mind off those sad parts of her life. She has been noticing some very weird reports and energy readings from there.

However, her research into the odd events come to both a grinding halt and something rapidly advance when, late one night, she finds a box on her house's front doorstep and, inside the box, is little purple pony with a horn and wings. Unbeknownst to her, it's her Pony Counterpart, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Only there's one small problem: She's a baby, a PONY baby and now Twilight finds herself taking care of a foal with powers that make her shudder. No matter how bad tempered a baby her brother tells her she was, this foal eclipses her tantrums but dimensions.

Fun fact: I actually came up with this idea shortly after Friendship Games, not Ail-icorn.

Chapters (2)


What exactly did Pinkie Pie do during the time she held Discord's power? An Equestrian intelligence officer leaves a message to her successor on what little they know so far. Warning: Superintelligences and existentialism

Author's Note

Inspired by The 21-Second God, though I ended up taking it in a different direction than good ol' Squiddy.

Charlie Stross Was Right.

Vaguely planning more stuff about the Equestrian intelligence services, recontextualizing all the episodes of the series one by one to various degrees. If I end up doing that, this story will end up being one of the capstones. It'll also be a long while before I start it, if I ever do.

Also left two (2) lines from literature in there. It's possible I left even more than that inadvertently, considering I tend to repeat cool things I hear. But if you catch them let me know!

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The Caprica. At one time, an impressive piece of technology for humanity. Originally built for peace; retrofitted for war. But now, Marcus is all that remains of the human race after a hostile alien invasion, and he uses the only life he's ever known to escape his captors. Making a blind jump to unknown space, his skills as a pilot, and as a man in uniform, will be put to the test.

Rated teen for language and some adult situations.

Chapters (14)

Twilight and Pinkie Pie's friends are out of Ponyville to get more citizens for the Hearth's Warming ceremony tonight. When they head outside, they've encountered a pony who's never been around like other creatures but unlike them, It's been centuries since she left on her own.

Twilight felt curious on why she's here as she invited the visitor into her castle. When she and Pinkie Pie learned who she really is, they're not only surprised, but so will Celestia and Luna when they see her.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

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a prison where I lock up the plot bunnies that pop up to distract me from working on my main stories.

they may never see the light of day unless I find the time or someone pays their bail. (wants me to work on them.)

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Ever since being relieved of the majority of her major duties, Celestia has been extremely bored. Anon takes notice of her having a particularly bad night and gets her to confess her real problems.

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Twilight was looking forward to the diplomatic trip to Maretonia with Princess Luna. However, she became rather ill and could not attend. The same day, Sunburst announced his plans to visit Mount Aris. Twilight was bummed she couldn’t attend either of them. 

Pinkie happened to be visiting Twilight that day when she heard her complaining about the trips she couldn’t attend. Being the good friend that she was, Pinkie decided to help Twilight out by attending them in her stead. However, when she learned that going on both was going to be an issue, she quickly realized that she couldn’t be in two places at once. Or could she?

Edited by: EverfreePony

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Do you like having a full bladder? Do you like being desperate? Do you like wetting yourself and seeing others wet themselves? Then come on down to the Omorashi theme park. We have everything you could want. Free drinks, long lines for the rides, games, contests, and more. Hope to see you there. Must be 18 or older to get in.

Twilight and Fluttershy sure do. What about the ladylike Rarity?

Contains: Farts, wetting, messing, and desperation.

Edited by The Dark Wolf

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