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A slave, He was a slave all his life.

From the moment he was born, to the day of his rise to galactic power.

It was not noticeable, yet he always remained a slave, only being commanded by a different master.

First by the Hutts, then Watto, then the Jedi Order and then finally, Darth Sidious.

He never had a choice in his life, he always had a straight path to follow where people expected him to act without question, it made him hate them.

Becoming disillusioned and making himself become a person he never imagined he could ever be.

A monster with no remorse and with nothing to lose, a war machine fueled by anger and hate.

But on this planet, all this anger will be taken to another level, seeing slavery in all its glory prospering without limits or restrictions.

He would change that, he had the power to do that, his power came from all the anger created by these abominations.

His anger would lead him to victory, and with his victory, their chains would be broken, the force will punish them.

He is the Chosen one, He will bring balance, however, he won't bring order, he will bring chaos.

A new god for all mankind.

(Edited by the Legendary's; OmicroniX and ComissarFurry)

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Forgiveness is complicated. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the person who harmed you to let things cool down for a minute before you can even think about the idea with a clear head.
Unfortunately that's not something Princess Twilight considered when she asked her human friends to befriend the person who made their lives for the past few years a living hell immediately after her biggest attempt to destroy everything they held dear.
But there's something different, something... magical about this lonely girl hated by the entire school, and Adagio wants to keep her close so she can figure out what it is.

Featured: 29/04/2020

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I haven't eaten in days. I can feel the hunger inside me getting worse. It's clawing inside me like a raging beast ready to burst. I try to hold on, hoping for rescue for both of us.

Me... and my pony friend Earthstar.


My friend.

My delicious friend.

Entree for the Halloween in April Horror Contest with the Barcast

Edited and Pre-Read by Titanium Dragon and DarthLink22

Cover Art Done By: Nauyaco

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Baked Bean, an aspiring writer of questionable skill, has come across the perfect source of inspiration: the Castle of the Two Sisters. All it will take is a quick trip through the Everfree Forest, and a new world of potential writing prompts will be his for the taking.

Once there, however, he finds there's more to the Castle—and the old legends surrounding it—than he ever imagined, and an ancient law will force him to mate with all of the Royal Princesses...

...whether he likes it or not.

This story is an alternate take on No Nose Knows, so expect plenty of polygamous shenanigans.

Sex tag is for references. Ye be warned.

Edited by Zen and Ponies, Sipioc, Georg, and Spartanpony007!

Cover art commissioned by an anonymous fan and drawn by Apricalico!
Much thanks to Sipioc for the original cover art!

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The Life Aura Center is one of Equestria's top medical research centers, the producer of spells and medicines that have cured many once-fatal illnesses, and they continue to produce quality technology and cures. No one wants to think that they're doing anything unethical, but Celestia has her suspicions, so she sends Twilight to investigate.

One symbiotic pairing with an alien later, Twilight realizes Celestia was right to be suspicious. Now, working together with the strange creature inhabiting her body, Twilight will have to expose the center's shocking truth. And not get killed in the process. It's gonna be a wild ride.

Now with an audio reading by Mr. Snarky on YouTube! Please give him your support!
Part 1 Chapters 1-4
Part 2 Chapters 5-12
Part 3 Chapters 13-19
Part 4 Chapters 20-25

I also have a Discord! Rather quiet right now but feel free to join if you wanna talk fics or just ponies in general! Ask me for the link if you want in, I had to remove it because of too many spam bots.

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Nick has lived with the royal sisters since he appeared in Equestria with no way home three years ago. In that time he made friends and gained the trust and respect of most, if not all of Canterlot Castle. He even has access to the treasury and minor command over some staff, but only for one reason: pranks.

Nick is one of the few souls capable of matching Celestia and Luna in pranks, and has been semi-willingly inducted into their endless prank war. These are some of their memorable moments.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or reminders that my writing is bad and I should feel bad, please put them here.

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This story is a sequel to Too Close to the Sun

"I have experienced a change. For the first time in many years, I find myself uncertain of what step to take next. I am not one to be so perturbed, but here I stand- as unsure and inexperienced as a young girl.

I have... a companion. A champion to call my own. In all my years I have stood alone, yet now I have a hand to hold in the darkness. It is... difficult to know whether or not I have made a wise decision.

Recently I discovered this journal, a gift from dear Luna that has been left untouched until now. I believe that I will, for the time being, use this diary to record my thoughts on the matter. Perhaps this will help clear my mind."

Hey, we've been featured! 04/05/2019, thanks so much everyone!

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She's a princess. If not THE Princess. You know- the ruler of Equestria, keeper of the sun, most powerful being on earth, all that jazz.
It's not your fault she's also unbelievably, irrefutably, incomparably gorgeous.

But it was your fault that she overheard you saying just that. Oh yeah, it really was. And let me just tell you something:

To let that happen was really freakin' stupid.

We've been featured! As of 08/10/2018! Thanks a lot you guys!

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Spike and Starlight became friends the moment life put them in the same castle. As they grew closer over the years, they didn't think anything could break their friendship.

Unfortunately, all it took was one night to throw that belief into chaos. Now, they have to not only work together but battle their own doubts and insecurities to figure out a way to fix the broken bond between them.

Edited by Curify

Artwork by lockerobster

Note: This story deals with some mature themes and may not be comfortable for all readers. Just a heads up.

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Spike and Pinkie are called by the map to the lovely city of Phillydelphia, but the setting is a lot more romantic than Spike is comfortable with.

Collaboration with the ever-so-talented Summer Dancer.

Featured May 22nd-25th, 2018

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