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When Twilight confesses her love to her close human friend, it becomes clear that the species barrier is standing firmly in the way... but is that the true source of the problem?

A short something I thought up ages ago and could never be bothered to write. Please point out any errors and I'll correct them as soon as possible. It feels good to be writing again! Also, if anyone can come up with some good cover art, or better yet a decent title (this is kind of a placeholder for something a little better) then give me a shout, anything is appreciated.

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Diablo Crossover.

The Archangel of Justice destroyed the Worldstone to spare Humanity the corruption Baal infected it with. The force of its death knell shatters Mount Arreat and sends Tyrael hurtling across the endless planes of reality. He falls upon a world untouched by Angel or Demon, far from the sight of the High Heavens. So far, in fact, that he fears he will not be reborn from the Crystal Arch.

Wounded and near death, hope appears in the form of two strange creatures bearing the power of night and day.

Tyrael now faces a time of recovery as his power slowly heals within a body fashioned for him by his saviours. Justice Incarnate tastes for the first time the life of a mortal, and it is a strange, confusing experience .He has been left in the care of one Twilight Sparkle to learn of this world.

After all, where better to find peace and harmony than Ponyville?

Act I - The Root of Evil
Act II - ????????
Act III - ???????
Act IV - ???????

[Cover image used with full permission of the owner. Go on, go have a look at Chagial's stuff.]

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Equestria has made the discovery of the century. They found what they believed to be the last of the mythical race of the humans trapped inside of a large crystal. Curiosity takes hold and with the help of Twilight Sparkle and the elements of harmony they decide to set it free. But was that a wise decision?

Cover art not done by me.

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Captain Rainbow Dash of the Wonderbolts.
Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
Certainly her dream job.
Well, dreams and reality are two very different things.

Especially when our newly minted captain has to deal with an empty roster, budget cuts, the first non-pegasi cadets, and the pressure of finding out your best friend is now your boss, let alone a princess.

If that weren’t enough to make her quit, her three wing commanders might. Cloud Kicker is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen; Surprise makes no sense; and Lightning Dust is, well, Lightning Dust.

Meanwhile, Scootaloo arrives at the academy, ready and raring to prove she’s got what it takes to be an elite flyer. Pressure mounts as Scootaloo aims to make her hero proud.

Now on Equestria Daily
Editors: ping111

Thanks for pre-reading go to:
John Perry
Distaff Pope

Cover art used with permission by GSphere

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When a simple small town Pegasus finds herself out of work, she takes up the offer of an old fillyhood friend to move to the big city. After all, it has been over ten years since the portals to the human world were opened, ponies do this all the time now right? All anypony talks about these days are all the Humans In Equestria, so what about the ponies looking for a better life in a new world?


This fic is a series of short, slice of life stories about a pony who loves soft clothing adapting to life in the human world.

I adapted this old fic of mine from it's horribly done greentext version into prose so I can stop being so ashamed of it and finally write some more. Hello PiE threads!

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Tired of Luna's constant nagging, Celestia agrees to give internet dating a try. Using the website www.notforeveralone.com, Luna helps Celestia go on dates with potential immortal suitors. Shouldn't be too hard to find true love, right?

You can make a suggestion for any immortal across any manner of genre or fiction for Celestia to date next. Just make sure they're immortal for it to work.

Updates every Tuesday and Friday.

Guest chapters for immortals I have not covered are welcome, since I won't be able to write about every suggestion someone has. Note that all guest chapters are non-canon from the main story, so there is a bit of leeway to them. Talk to me over PM's for any further discussion.

Thanks to my editors The Ponytrician and Garnot for all their help!

Cover art from the hilarious tumblr you all should check out, ~Letters For Celestia~

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As Terry walked through Vegas, alone and drunk, he stumbles across a strange blue coin. He is unable to make out what is on it, so he decides to keep it for good luck. He finds his way into a Casino and decides to hit the slots to see if the luck works in his favor.

This is a collab done by me and lunaisthebest

Chapters (2)

Trixie has gained national... um... fame? I suppose more ponies would call it notoriety, but it really is quite relative if you think about it. Anyway, Trixie Lulamoon is known all across Equestria for telling the most fantastical tales, preforming the most incredible magic shows, and being the most self centered, power hungry, show off in all the land! Now, Trixie is all for the fame, but a mare has got to eat, and apparently ponies don't like to hire someone who managed to take an entire town captive, molest its citizens, and walk away a free mare without so much as an apology for punishment... someponies just don't know how to look past the surface I suppose. So, in order to start a new beginning, and find some actual freedom from her past, she has traveled far and wide to find... uh... just start reading already, would ya?

(Third person. Pony on Earth. A bit of warning, some parts may seem serious, but they are not. If you read this fic, and start to take things seriously you will either be offended, disappointed, or have the time of your life. This fic was made so I could have fun, and entertain others that like something a bit different than the usual HiE fics.)

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After an irritating encounter with Penny, Sheldon retires to his home-away-from-home, his Batcave, his Fortress of Solitude: his office. But the physicist gets more than he bargained for when a strange interdimensional worm hole appears in the Biology department.

Trapped in an unfamiliar, scientifically impossible world. Sheldon has the perfect opportunity to flex his astonishing social skills, or lack thereof. Completely oblivious that the fate of Equestria rests in his hands, Sheldon embarks on a journey of self discovery and love and tolerance... except he doesn't discover anything, and love and tolerance is a waste of time.

Well, maybe he'll learn the value of friendship along the way. But that isn't likely

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to The Golden Armor

It's more of a continuation than a sequel, but whatever.

Comet is the leader of Princess Celestia's personal guard. Angel is the leader of Princess Luna's.

Comet is awake during the day. Angel stays up all night.

Comet likes using a halberd. Angel excels at using claws.

Comet is a pegasus. Angel is a bat pony.

Together, they take on all the twists and turns life hands them. However, things don't always go as planned.

Cover art by Equestria Prevails.
Proofread by jmartkdr and Feather Scratch

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