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After an injury at work sends you to the hospital, your loving mare Rainbow Dash decides to pay you a visit.

Please Note That This Story Is Cute For The Sake Of Cute.

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A few days ago, RC-1207 "Sev" was pounding a Seperatist ship with Wookie turbolasers when he was overwhelmed. Now he's in a prison camp a few lightyears away. His cellmate is a male quadruped calling himself "Big Macintosh". He doesn't know where his brothers in Delta Squad are, or even where he is.

RC-1000 is the newest member of Tau Squad. Or was, rather. After the rest of Beta Squad was killed in action, he was assigned to Tau, who had just lost their own brother. They were tolerant but distant, and on his second mission with them the "new guy" got captured. Now he's sharing a cell with a female quadruped named "Octavia".

They're going to bust out. And as they try to adjust to the thought that they each might be the sole warrior on the planet, they will think more than a clone, even a commando, normally would. They will fight to defend their new friends. To defend aliens that care about them in ways they haven't experienced as mere soldiers.

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