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A compendium of sketches of far corners of the multiverse. Ideas that were amusing enough to write down, but not quite meaty enough to build a full story on.

Marked "Complete" because each chapter is a standalone story, but I will be adding more stories as inspiration strikes. In spite of the "Teen" rating, most stories should have "Everyone" content; stories with actual "Teen" content will be marked with a [T].

Yak Attak: In which Ponyville is already home to a couple of immigrants from Yakyakistan. With them "helping" the mane six, the diplomatic visit with Prince Rutherford goes in a rather different direction.
That's my name ...: In which a cross-eyed pegasus breaks the census.
Dewey led a very interesting life, you see: A feghoot.
Veto: Two weeks after the attempted Changeling invasion, something surprising happens at the Equestrian Senate.
From Canterlot Boutique with Love: Another feghoot.
The Cutie Relapse: Starlight Glimmer and her teacher have an unpleasant but necessary meeting.
... don't wear it out.: Pinkie Pie takes a cliché very, very literally.
Change(ling)s and Forms: After Spike befriends Thorax, Twilight discovers that changelings are even better at blending in than anypony suspected.
Between a Spike and a Hard Place: AKA how "Princess Spike" should have ended.
When all you have is a spell book ...: Stupidlight Glimbutt gets a lot of mileage out of her new favorite spell. [Teen]
The Longest Line: Twilight Sparkle (not our Twilight, but a Twilight none the less) passes through water and fire to see a friend again. [Teen]
I Am the Night ... Glider: Night Glider never forgave Starlight Glimmer, and now she's back to get her revenge. (Available in two wildly different versions.)
Domains: Regarding Luna's Moon, Celestia's Sun, and the difficulties of being the Only Sane Alicorn in the kingdom.

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Season 5 Finale-related.
So many realities. So many horrible futures. But in yet another alternate timeline, Twilight finds herself in the Golden Oak Library with the Princess of Friendship: Sunset Shimmer. Rather than the awful futures she's seen before, she now finds herself in a timeline that actually seems nice. But that means she has a tough decision to make...

-Awesome cover art used with permission from the amazingly talented Huussii (Teemu Husso).
-Based on an idea from Silver Quill.
-Featured as of 12/8/15! Thank you to all the readers!
-Editors: GenerousGhibli and E3gner

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(Proofread by deadpansnarker.)

"It is so hard to find a sitter with a sense of humor for Lil' Cheese." Pinkie never imagined just how much those words would come back to haunt her, but now they have. Called to Canterlot for the annual Council of Friendship meeting, she must leave her son behind.

As luck would have it, Cheese Sandwich is also unavailable to foalsit, as his "Cheesie Sense" is calling him back to Manehattan to plan a birthday party for one of his relatives. So now he and his wife have to find a foalsitter on short notice.

To the relief of both parents, a candidate soon steps forward despite her lack of experience in dealing with Lil' Cheese: Diamond Tiara. Can Diamond Tiara break the curse that has plagued so many other foalsitters for the child of Pinkie and Cheese? Or will Lil' Cheese prove to be too much even for her?

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The Young Six don't seem to have trouble going through the Everfree Forest. Silverstream tamed Cockatrices and Ocellus can turn into any creature. However, one morning after they wake from adventuring in the forest they find something is a little funny. And not a haha funny.

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When yet another unsuccessful attempt at getting Cutie Marks results in Apple Bloom having too much time on her hooves, she turns to books in the hope of hatching a plan that definitely cannot possibly fail. However, one book in particular—an inconspicuous little thing concerning old history and something called a "golem"—catches her attention and becomes the object for her boundless energy, much to her sister's concern.

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have their own problems to deal with, consisting of a fussy, overbearing older sister and an undeniably awesome yet slightly oblivious role model. On top of that, they soon have to contend with their best friend's zealous conviction that the answer to their troubles lies well beyond the safety of home.

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After witnessing a riot in the middle of Ponyville's Marketplace, Fluttershy discovers a stranger at the center of it all, an odd-looking, pitiful stallion who can't even speak who was being targeted for no discernible reason. She takes him under her wing, hoping to take care of him and prepare him for a big world that he clearly was never ready for. Little does she know that otherworldly forces are at work...

(A/N: Edited and Assisted by Midge Mannequin, arcum42 and helped by zinitradd. Uses concepts inspired by White Wolf's Promethean: The Created and Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. Knowledge of either of these works is NOT required for the enjoyment of this story. All title images made by yours truly.)

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When a magical malaise falls over Ponyville, stealing the very words from ponies' mouths, it's up to Applejack to save the day!

... so long as she can figure out what the heck everypony's trying to say, first.

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Probably the best thing to happen in Discord's long life was finding the magic of friendship. As much as the old Chaos Lord might complain, without it he would never have found so many that were dear to his heart.

When that heart finds itself empty, he comes to the Princess to ask a favor: allow him the opportunity to bring friendship to other dark hearts. All she has to do is lend him a statue.

The rest is in his chaotic claws.

Featured on 10/18/19, 10/22/19 and 10/25/19!

Featured in Equestria Daily on 6/18/2020 and in their 40 Fanfics to Read for Villain Day on 11/12/2020!

Reviewed here by Javarod!

Also reviewed by PresentPerfect with the rating of Highly Recommended! And it also made the Top 10 of 2020!

Death tag - no horrible murder, just a few mentions and the natural consequences of time.

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Their pendants inactive, their magic gone, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata find themselves plonked undignified into a world of human beings who, despite their adulation for magic, fear it above all else. Yet despite their separation from their once world-dominating power, they retain the natural strengths of their species along with a mysterious longevity, and quickly learn that any hint of their extraordinary abilities can quickly land them in the deepest trouble.
Wishing to be left alone by these oat-brained primitives, the three agreed centuries ago that they should never remain in one place, and that they should keep their abilities a strict secret.
Well, most of the time.

After centuries of keeping their talents a secret from the world, the two great superpowers of their time are on the road to war, and the three sirens at risk of being caught between two of the ancient world's mightiest war machines.

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A refined mare fresh out of high school and a dropout following her dreams find themselves forced to spend a lot of time together.

With the help of a meddling psychology tutor and their new classmates, can they find what they've been looking for?

French Translation!

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