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Spike is helping Rarity at Carousel Boutique when disaster strikes. But love blooms in the worst of conditions, strengthened by the fire. Yet a romance between a pony and a dragon is bound to have certain... complications, that will require an epic adventure and the strongest of love to overcome.


Bonus Chapter: PM for link, NSFW.

Picture:In Matrimony by *coyoterainbow

Authors notes: The first chapter is super short (its also really awesome if I do say so myself) but the rest won't be. Promise. There will be some combat later on, but at the moment, it won't be super graphic, so again, dodging a bullet. The first 2 or 3 chapters will be a little sad/tragic, but its not the tone of the story, and its nothing to bad so they won't be tagged. The entire story will not be written like the first chapter. Lastly, as the story evolves tags are subject to change.

Chapters (13)

Years have passed, Rarity is married and living in Canterlot, and Spike travels the world with Princess Twilight Sparkle. Yet, events conspire to bring old friends back together. Some stories are simple, and some wish desperately that they were.

A RarityxSpike Fanfic.

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What happens when Rarity becomes obsessed with the game Doom II? A lot, actually. Not only is she seeking help from unlikely sources (like Discord) to help beat the game, but she's in terrible trouble. It turns out the Icon of Sin is not happy that a pony is defeating his army. What distance will he go to put a stop to Rarity's success?

Chapters (13)