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  • Pony on Earþ (PoE) 37 stories A collection öf stories, such æs My Little Dashie, where a Pony ends up on Earþ, hence ðe name. Ðe pony does not have to end up in ðe real wörld, only a human wörld öðer ðæn ðe Equestria Girls universe.
    Created by Clay Pigeon
    - January, 2017
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  • Pony on Earþ (PoE) 37 stories A collection öf stories, such æs My Little Dashie, where a Pony ends up on Earþ, hence ðe name. Ðe pony does not have to end up in ðe real wörld, only a human wörld öðer ðæn ðe Equestria Girls universe.

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The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

Obi-Wan Kenobi. 0BBY

(Higher rez image here)

Artwork by a good friend of mine, Nina Ward

The force. A ubiquitous power of untold potential. Both the Jedi and the Sith look to the power for guidance, believing it to be the ultimate embodiment of all that is in the universe. But what is the true extent of its power? What is its reach, and how many species can it touch?
Spike. A baby dragon raised in Equestria by the personal protégé of the monarch of the sun. He is looked to for friendship and compassion by scores of ponies, as well as providing the bonds of a sibling to one pony in particular, and often the one source of sense in a group of eccentric friends.
Can a dragon from a back water planet truly master the ways of the strongest power in the galaxy?

(Higher rez image here)

Artwork by a good friend of mine, Nina Ward

Comments may contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Ok, so this thing is going to be the longest story I've written. By far. Hope I can keep your attention.
Rated teen for some gore and swearing.

Black-Light Library approved.

Chapters (118)

This world isn't as it once was. Humanity is no longer the dominant species on the planet. They now fear the Old World, knowing full well the destruction caused by their ancestors.
This is a world dominated by machines. Humanity simply lives in it.
Yet, even in such a world, some search for answers to questions better left unsaid.
Even in this, daily life is a struggle. A young mare and her human sister know this all too well.

Just a short idea that popped into my head. A Crossover with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Inspired by Tatsurou's PWNY-verse.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio. (Remastered)

Chapters (1)

Twilight awakens to find that she is no longer an alicorn, nor a pony for that matter. Rather she has become the fearsome Queen of the wasteland.

This started out as an exploratory idea, that patrons requested more chapters of and was viewable earlier for said patrons. Head over here if you want a chance of adding onto this story for just 5$ or to see stories early for just 3$!

Chapters (20)

The discovery of a tiny extraterrestrial object within our own solar system makes a strangely equine alien race aware that the Earth is inhabited by an intelligent species, and they're on their way to come visit.

But since space is a really, really, really big place, they aren't going to get here for about a thousand years. They do have FTL communication, though, so while we wait maybe we'd like to be pen pals...

You could win a free one shot commission! Check the associated blog post for details.

Chapters (1)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Sunset Shimmer, the former pupil of Princess Celestia, entered the mirror hoping to find a place where she could plot her revenge and prepare to enact it.
Instead she finds herself face down in a swamp, cold and alone, lost to the machinations of the dark, that is until she comes face to face with a being almost as ancient as her old mentor, and maybe just as wise.

Spoilers in the comments
Original Art by Bakki
Featured 5/30/2019

Chapters (12)

Sunset Shimmer visits Equestria with Juniper Montage. Soon, It's time for them to return to the human world -- followed by Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna, -- but it turns out that, at that moment, a certain hacker has glitched the system, and the four of them end up in an entirely different world.

An Overwatch/MLP crossover.

Chapters (2)

Warning! Contains spoilers for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Ye have been warned!
Twilight thought she was going to take a relaxing trip to the beach by her friends' suggestion. Nothing could have prepared her for the adventure of a lifetime.

After finding herself on a barren island, she is found by the legendary Pirate Assassin, Edward Kenway. As Twilight is thrust into the life of a Pirate, she begins to develop feelings for the Assassin. Can she confess to him after all the pain he went though as a Captain, or will she lose everything?
Find out in the tale of prizes, plunder, adventure, and love as Twilight Sparkle and Edward Kenway unite under the Black Flag.

This is a collaboration between me and the very talented chrisharte97, where we are doing the impossible. Writing a ship-fic *lol between Edward Kenway and Twilight Sparkle. Hope you enjoy.

Chapters (11)

Hello, I'm Mary. I'm a mother of two, married to the most wonderful man I could hope for and live what I consider to be, the life I've always wanted. So... why oh why, in the wide, wide world of whys, did this happen to me?

This is my story, for better or for worse, about how things in my life became beyond unbearable.

Author's Note
This Fic is dedicated to moms everywhere. Just saying, moms rock.

This story also runs parallel (as in it happens at the same time as) to the other stories in "The Madverse" (incrediblyvainname TM). Those stories are, A Twilight Landing, So Many Wonders, Abhorsen, as well as The Mane Two : Contrail, started by Alex Nuage, and currently being written by Ludicrous Lycan. Please enjoy the stories, you need not read them all, but doing so eventually gets you the whole picture. :pinkiesmile:

Art Work
(Not all art linked due to use in the story.)
Pulled Over by Balthasar999
'Mary and Stan's Morning' by Conicer
Mary's new Hair by Conicer
Erin from Sunflower and Mary by Conicer
Getting Dressed is hard

Related and Connected Works

A Twilight Landing
Abhorsen : Friendship Is Freemagic
So Many Wonders
The Mane Two : Contrail

Thanks from the Author

A special thanks to Everypony from the collab group, Alex Nuage, Cold Spike, Firebirdbtops, Stormy Weather and everyone else involved!

Cover Art was commissioned from the illustrious Conicer!
Art was adjusted by LordElliott

Chapters (31)

Everything changes for Twilight Sparkle and her friends when a mysterious extraterrestrial ship crash lands in Equestria. When Twilight messes around in the ship's systems with her magic, she ends up transported to an alien world unlike anything she imagined: a box canyon in the middle of nowhere.

To get home, Twilight must enlist the help of the eccentric Red and Blue soldiers that live there... if she can get them to stop bickering first! Additionally, she finds herself being pursued by the enigmatic military agency known only as Project Freelancer. Back in Equestria, all is not well for Twilight's friends as forces involved with the crashed ship make themselves known. Reds, Blues and ponies will all have to work together to discover the mysterious connection between Equestria and Project Freelancer.

A crossover with Red vs Blue. Written with the intention for the story to be followable without having watched the series. (just don't expect to get all the references).

Now with editors! BradtheBrony and Rough_Draft.

I made a blog post explaining things. You should read it.

TvTropes Page.

Chapters (38)

Six years have gone by after the Cutie Mark Crusaders went missing in the Everfree, and the town of Ponyville has changed. The Elements are all but spent trying to deal with the grief of losing the aggravating yet beloved CMC and the Princesses are tied up in a massive diplomatic battle between the Griffon Empire and the New Changeling Order.

When Applejack is going to visit Fluttershy, she runs across an unfamiliar group of young mares, three to be exact... and they're claiming to be the CMC, and they've got quite the story to tell...

Fallout/MLP:FIM crossover
Fallout belongs to Bethesda
MLP:FIM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Story elements belong ta me.

Chapters (14)