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When a lone baby draconequus happens to stumble into Cheerilee's class one day, the caring mare can't help but take it upon herself to attempt raising it.

But as time goes on, Cheerilee soon learns the risks of taking in a draconequus. Risks, that could cost the both of them, everything.

(Much loved Editor: The11thWonder, + Revision Chapters 9 & 10: Jokie155)

Chapters (12)

This story is a side prequel to Little Jewels. (Read that one first.)


When Twilight is given a new spell to practice, she asks her friends to bring some aged stuff for target practice. But when the spell gets out of hand, it turns all of the Mane 6 into foals. They still retain the ability to talk though. What else comes as a surprise is that their new Mamas are Celestia and Luna. I can see things looking up from here.

WARNING!!! THIS IS A FAIR WARNING THAT YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS TIME!!!!! This fic contains Age Regression, Diapers, Breastfeeding, and a slew of other foalish things. Please consult a doctor before consuming this fanfic. Do not read if you cannot stand cuteness and baby ponies. Don't try to imitate the events of this fic at home.


Chapters (14)

When Sunset Shimmer wakes up in a strange forest she doesn't recognize after seeing another her at her new school Canterlot High and finds she is now a pony, she doesn't know what's going on.

what's more, when she eats some glowing fruit because she's starving, it takes a strange turn she could have never expected.

And scootaloo, after running away from the orphanage, gets a second shot at life.

new cover art provided by Princess Glitzy, who you can find HERE and this plus her other wonderful works you can find HERE

Featured 27/10/2019. Fitting it get featured during it's final udapte. A kind swan song. thank you all

Chapters (25)

After becoming a Princess, a new door was opened for Twilight Sparkle. More books to read and new spells to learn. Immediately going into deep study mode she found a spell to make one younger excited she quickly tried to use the spell but it ended up backfiring on her turning her into a foal.

Now with no way of turning back Twilight will have to be the widdlest Pwincess of Equestria until a solution can be found.

Featured: August 31, 2014 Thank you everyone.

Warning: Contains cuteness, Diapers and a little humor.

Chapters (13)

EDIT: Sequel is now up! Flying Forward

Rainbow Dash has done it again. She's crashed and hurt herself. But this time it's not just physical injuries that her and her friends have to deal with. Rainbow Dash's brain was severely traumatized so it's up to her friends to nurse her back to health. But can they deal with this new Rainbow Dash?

Warning: Contains mental age regression and everything you would guess that goes with that.

**Featured 5/14** I can't thank you all enough!

Chapters (12)

It's just another normal day at Sugar Cube corner. That is until Pumpkin Cake finds something no pony even knew existed. What happens next, no pony expects?

Caution: Age regression, pregnancy, diapers, comedy and cuteness involved. Do not read if you can't stand the cuteness. You have been warned. Also warning: Mrs. Cake will be pregnant with Pinkie Pie for a short while, but there will be No Pinkie Pie point of view during this. If this strays from your comfort zone, please do not read.

Chapters (3)

Fluttershy finds a young and scared Pegasus colt in a storm one night. Can she be the mother he so desperately needs?

Chapters (25)

After a bad run in with some poison joke, Dash finds herself a young foal. She's back to her youngest state, and with no way of returning, (except for growing up, of course) will she ever live normally again? Twilight makes a promise to help her, but what Rainbow Dash doesn't know is that Twilight has always wanted a daughter. How far is Twilight willing to go to feel the thrill of parenthood by using Dash?

Chapters (6)
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