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Ok, let's start with the fanfic. It was a beautiful day in Ponyv...
Why is a pink pony looking at me from outside the window?

First, the fic was edited by Mikomouse. Then, The REAL Princess Luna followed her and helped me with this, and then came Agonist Agent. Ten thousand million thanks to all of them!

Rated "teen" for language.

Chapters (27)

Name: Lyra Heartstrings. Occupation: Cartoonist.

Lyra makes a big splash in Equestria when she gets her new animated series for children on the worlds No.1 network. The show in question: Only Human, which centers around a group of these mythical creatures called 'humans', straight from Lyra's imagination, who become friends as they overcome life's obstacles together.

With the help of her executive producer, Bon Bon, Lyra starts to make an unprecedented impact in Equestria. Making friends, enemies and... other.

Can Lyra make it in the world of television? Will the Equestria take to these new 'humans'? You'll have to tune into the Pub network every Saturday at 1PM to find out!

Cover by Arby-Works

Edited by Spabble

Chapters (16)

Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom has come to Equestria on important diplomatic business, bringing with her the superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi. But, when Discord is released, and aids Bowser's forces in invading Equestria and kidnapping Peach, Celestia, and Luna, Twilight and her friends must work together with Mario and Luigi on an adventure spanning two kingdoms, to rescue the princesses, defeat Bowser and Discord, and return Equestria and the Mushroom Kingdom to their former glory.

Chapters (20)

Against better judgement, David buys his daughter a pony for Christmas. Too bad it was Diamond Tiara. She, like many other fillies and colts in Ponyville, was taken by Discord for his cross-dimension pony trade. Now she must convince David and his family to help her and the others get back to Equestria. Fortunately for her, David is more than happy to get rid of her. His daughter Tiffany however, is not.

Chapters (15)

Luna and Cadence are traversing Everfree Forest en route to the castle, looking to attend Twilight's housewarming party. They are stopped, however, by none other than the titular character! Will they persevere, or will the Black Knight triumph like always?

100% Approved by Twilight's Library

9/20/2015 - New edits made to adhere to fimfic's guidelines regarding original vs lifted content.

Chapters (1)

Imagine browsing the internet, and then one day, your favorite file-sharing website on the internet has been destroyed by a company you once loved. Now, let's imagine that again, but with Ponies this time.

Chapters (1)

Think of everything you hate about people online. Now bundle up all those bad traits and throw it into a pony. You now have Caps Lock: an over opinionated, egotistic pony that simply enjoys the anguish of others.

Now throw that pony into Ponyville Elementary School, and you get this story.

Cover art thanks to IJAB. Click for better resolution.
Rated Teen for some course language, mature themes, and overall inappropriateness.

Chapters (13)

The year is 2025. A laboratory experiment created the mane six 5 years ago. It's been a secret for five years now.
But now, the world will know of all their hard work. The world will know of these loveable, cute and smart fillies and their benefit to the future of mankind.
Sadly, not everyone sees the potential.
If you dislike the story, please tell me why in the comment section. I can only be as good as my feedback allows me to be.
got a [img]http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/003/e/d/emeralds_by_shiranuishiningstar-d70opth.jpg[/img] from The Gem Hunters!
Has a TVTropes page!

Chapters (6)

Getting a college roommate is random chance.
Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you get a pony.

Rainbow Dash enrolls at an Earth university.

Update: and then some other stuff happens.

Chapters (27)

This is an article based, satirical news program that delivers the most accurate, up to date news of the nation of Equestria. Based off of the popular Onion.com.

Can't get enough satirical news stories? Visit The Onion: Equestrian Bureau's sister site, The Ponion by CartsBeforeHorses

Chapters (38)
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