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Daring Do finds an artifact that does... something. She just doesn't know what.

As an archeologist with a reputation to uphold, she is determined to figure out what, precisely, it does. Twilight Sparkle might just be able to assist in this endeavor.

Or maybe they'll both panic about not knowing together. That works too.

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The Bearers have encountered more than a few mysterious hidden villages, and that just never works out. But when they come across one whose residents believe that ponies must have their bodies covered at all times, Rarity starts to wonder if she's finally found her ideal audience.

For the answer, please see 'just never works out.'

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After a night of sisterly snuggling, the Princesses Celestia and Luna wake up with a baby in Celestia's bed.

How it got there leads to a discussion between the two sisters.

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One man appears in Equestria one day. His name is Covfefe, and he will make Equestria great again. If only he could overcome his worst enemy, FEYK NOOZ!

Written in Quills and Sofas at Bronycon. In case it wasn't painfully obvious, this is a joke.

Now has a reply in the form of Follow The God Emperor by Jackelope

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The spectacular ROBCakeran53

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Twilight finally manages to solve the problems with Star Swirl the Bearded’s time travel spell and decides that one of her first visits should be to see that old hero of hers.

Unfortunately, he’s not really what she was expecting.

Proofread by the wonderful docontra

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Twilight had planned to visit Sunset Shimmer and her friends over in the other world for a nice, quiet weekend, away from all the worries and problems associated with being a Princess of Equestria. Unfortunately, things rarely go as planned.

After an accident cuts her off from Equestria, Twilight finds herself stuck in the human world until the gateway between the two worlds can be fixed. Which wouldn't normally be a problem...

...If she wasn't still a pony.

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Sisters being peaceable with horrors unspeakable.

(A collection of surreal and creepy little comedies about the Princesses. Collab with Pearple Prose).

As this is an anthology series, it will update periodically. The stories are largely unrelated, but within the same continuity.

Chinese translation by MLM.

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Chrysalis was thinking of new ways to take over Equestria when a wild thestral flies into her secret cave. She is given a hot donut from a bazooka. When she takes a bite, she is suddenly on a quest. To give these beautiful, delicious creations to every creature ever! But she needs everyone to trust her. How about she becomes.... A hero? It will be hard work, but it is worth it for the power. Of donuts!!! Unfortunately, the other princesses and elements.... Donut really know how to deal with this self-proclaimed Donut Princess of Justice.

(Warning, hilarities, crazy Chrysalis, hot donuts, bad puns, and chaos are in this story. It might make you loose brain cells. Read at your own risk!)

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Due to a mix-up in the pantry, the jasmine tea that Princess Celestia orders for consumption with her breakfast turns out to be made out of coca leaf, instead.

A period of overwhelming bureaucratic efficiency, aggressive platonic affection, and mild insanity follows.

EDIT: Featured (briefly) 6/13/17! Thank you all!
EDIT: Featured at #1 6/14/17! WOW! Awesome, thank you all!

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I should have known something was up when I found an old Halloween costume in my closet from when I was six. I really should have known something was wrong when the costume actually fit.


Good thing Mewtwo is still one of my favorite Pokemon, because I am one, and this is most definitely not my world.

A Tale of the Displaced

April 8: Sorry all. Accidentally hit the Publish button on latest chapter before I was ready. Carry on.

April 9: Okay, the chapter Friendship Report is up for real now.

There are and will be crossover chapters with other Displaced authors and characters. Those chapters are meant to be fun, but I understand that some people do not like such crossovers. That is fine. The main story stands on its own: you can skip the crossover chapters without having to worry about missing anything important. Though I hope you will at least give those chapters a chance.

But please, do not comment solely to say how you dislike Displaced crossover chapters. It is not conducive, and it just spams the comments section with negativity. By all means, criticize my work, tell me what isn't working or what you think I could be done better, but please don't insult me by deriding my choices for my story. Any such comments made from here on out may be judged as spam and deleted.

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