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The Great and Powerful Trixie’s overwhelming presence and stunning showmanship have won your heart. The real question is: can you win hers!?

A 2nd Person CYOA romance fic between you and Trixie! If you want to fall in love with another character, I’ve also done:

Rainbow Dash
Chrysalis (currently down for editing)
Twilight Sparkle

Cover art is a pic by xXpaw2001Xx

EDIT: Featured 1/7/20!

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to The Mare From Germaney

You’ve been dating Aryanne for quite a while now. And, well, yeah. She’s a nazi. Sort of. For the most part, she’s completely normal, except. For. Well.

Anyway, she asks you to meet her parents. In Germaney. Oh god help you.

A commission. A one-time commission.

Chapters (1)

Growing feelings for someone in text form is one thing, but what happens when you meet for the first time? Anon meets his long time penpal and crush from overseas, Aryanne

Chapters (1)

Little Dash is found in a box with a broken leg, a heartwarming tale.

Chapters (3)

Apple Bloom finds herself becoming infatuated with a hip new bachelor, can the universe withstand her love?

Chapters (1)

Sugarcoat has an illness inherited from her father. As a young girl, she would be in and out of the hospital. Sugarcoat’s condition stabilized when she was a little older and was only taking medication regularly. But recently, Sugarcoat becomes sick and is sent to the hospital.

Twilight Sparkle visits Sugarcoat in the hospital. Unexpectedly, Sugarcoat opens up to Twilight and the two of them bond. They find themselves becoming closer friends, but with Sugarcoat's unpredictable illness, would it last?

Chapters (1)

Everyone knows Sugarcoat as being a stuck-up, smart-mouthing, hyper-intelligent, soon-to-be valedictorian with grades who surpassed everyone at Crystal Prep after Twilight left for Canterlot High.

But, much like everyone, Sugarcoat had a childhood. And when she tells her story to the other Crystal Preppers she finds to be her acquanitances, they'll find out that she was much, MUCH different as a kid.

Chapters (2)

A journey of self discovery begins when we choose to take that first step. The moment we decide that we are more than our society's or parent's plans for who, or what, we should be. For Sugarcoat, that first step comes with a Gingerbread Cookie.

Inspired by Rico-Stone Rupan's Sour Sweet Stories, this story focuses on Sugarcoat. Follow along as she begins those first steps toward self discovery, and then follow further down the road as she passes those steps along.

Chapters (1)

It’s Christmas time, and the Shadowbolts had lost the Friendship Games and also Twilight Sparkle to the Canterlot High School. Before they could even learn and be actual friends with Twilight, she chose her new friends over them. While it didn’t affect most of them, Lemon Zest certainly was.

It’s up to the Shadowbolt’s finest four to cheer her up on her birthday that coincided with the special holiday. Sugarcoat knew what just to give her this special time of need. A gift she would surely love, but when the other three had the same gifts, conflict ensued; after all, friendship is magic.

Want more shorts on EQG? Check out my the other Equestria Girls one shots!

Chapters (1)
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