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As it turns out, having a high frequency of traumatizing magical crises on campus tends to upset the PTA, and now Principal Celestia has landed firmly in their crosshairs. After the fiasco at the Friendship Games, Superintendent Neighsay has had enough and forces Celestia into administrative leave, awaiting review. When the two school officials meet face to face, though, Celestia is ready to show that she's not giving up her position without a fight—and that she can hold her own in the face of Neighsay's wrath.

Pre-read by Krack-Fic Kai, LysanderasD, Mockingbirb and FanOfMostEverything! Originally written for the Bean's Writing Group prompt "Mandatory Time Off".

Featured from 6/19/22-6/22/22!

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Art thieves? In Equestria? It's more likely than you'd think!

Once again, notorious big brain mare Rainbow Q. Dash has gotten herself into a mighty pickle, and it's up to her friends to help her unpickle herself!

You hear that? She's Pickle Rainbow!

(She's not actually Pickle Rainbow, no one says that, I don't know why I put that there.)

"...as a cry of anguish at the continuing failure of the world to see this lunacy* for what it is, more power to its elbow." - Loganberry, Louder Yay

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It's Winter in the Dragonlands, which means lots of rain and time spent inside. Feeling somewhat lonely, Garble can't even work up the inspiration for his poetry. Luckily, Smolder is there to drop by and entertain him with her own storytelling.

Set between Season 6 and Season 8, circa a few months after 'Gauntlet of Fire'.

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Celestia has sent her sister to the Moon. It had to be done; she could not risk Nightmare Moon destroying everything they had achieved together. Yet the events of that fateful day haunt her, reminding her of what her negligence led to, what pain it brought upon herself and her sister. Without her sister to ward away the nightmares, she wakes up screaming every night, having witnessed the Elements banish Nightmare Moon.

Yet, tonight's dreams are worse.

Rated Teen for descriptions of violence and blood.

Inspired by Mourning Zephyr's A Sun Without A Moon and On Wings Of Moonlight by Aurelleah.

Cover art by the talented applejackofalltrades.

Special thanks to AuroraDawn, applejackofalltrades, Dewdrops on the Grass, Emotion Nexus, Salespony, Sledge115, and Xrevias for proofreading, and to HapHazred, Shaslan, The Sleepless Beholder, Stinium_Ruide, and Speccer for editing. This story wouldn't be as half as good without all of your help.

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The Six Pillars have returned to a modern Equestria, and managed to find a place to settle while they rebuilt their lives a thousand years in the future. Well, most of them; while most of the Pillars have made peace with Stygian, for some reason Rockhoof opens each day by commanding Stygian to fight him! Stygian is running out of excuses, and running out of patience! Will these two be able to work out their differences, or will the tiny Stygian have to battle the burly Rockhoof for dominance?!

Rockhoof x Stygian romance, written for the Rare Pairings Pillars Shipping Contest! https://www.fimfiction.net/group/215872/rare-pairings/thread/472953/pillars-shipping-contest

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A tragic cutting short of a budding romance. A confession of time travel and incurable disease. What was left behind. An instant, a lifetime, millions of years. Three timescales. Two timelines. One love story.


  • Death: The main theme of the entire story, I'd say.
  • Boulder

Author's Note

Disclaimer: Any errors in neurochemistry, neuropsychology, the study of prions, geology, linguistics, evolutionary biology, and paleontology are due to the author not being in any of these fields. My deepest apologies to the readers who are, and must cringe at my misunderstandings.

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Often it is that two ponies will meet and discover an affinity for each other, deciding to spend more and more time together. Time brings familiarity, familiarity brings comfort, and comfort brings happiness.

Two such ponies are Stygian and Sunburst. Following Stygian’s return and subsequent reformation (in which Sunburst played a key role), the two found themselves drawn to one another. Long talks in the library, comparing Sunburst’s knowledge of historical events to Stygian’s memory of the same events, there was a little something that they seemed to enjoy about eachother. After one particularly awkward night, Stygian popped the question, one thing led to another, and now they’ve been officially dating for a good three months.

Today, they’ve gone out to a cafe together. Maybe later they’ll take a look in a used bookstore. Who can say what will happen, until it indeed happens?

A Sunbust X Stygian ship fic.

A mirror is available at Offprint: https://offprint.net/prose/SidemtuF0ETu5OXF8rgGm/two-nerds-walk-into-a-bookstore

Pre-read by the lovely Bicyclette

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Cadance tries to be the best mom in the world. She really does. But when she's summoned to Flurry's school after her young daughter gets in a fight with a classmate, she wonder just how good of a mom she's capable of being.

My technically-not-late entry into the Cadance Is a Terrible Mom contest.

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Trixie's had a bad string of luck with love lately. Starlight hopes this means she'll finally get a chance to be with her.

She's wrong. So, so wrong. Because the one Trixie becomes enamored with? It's herself.

Written to fulfill a challenge from Angel Midnight, who challenged people to write a story featuring a character from a list, as a present for her birthday. I chose Trixie. I hope you like the result!

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It’s uncommon to get a poem from someone you know.
It’s very uncommon to get a poem from someone you don’t know.
It’s extremely uncommon to get a poem from someone you don’t know you know.

Sunset doesn’t know in which of these three situations she’s in, but she can’t forget what the poems bring to her.

Inspired by Chasing Someday (That you should go read because it's beautifully written) written by Gay For Gadot (Who you should go check out her stories because the quality persists and the feelings only increase with each new story)

Pre-read by my friend Shimmeringsun and the extremly helpful applezombi

Reviewed by iAmSiNnEr: Review ("This was a nice and heartwarming story, it really gave me a few smiles after my weary day")

Happy Valentine's Day (Unless I missed the date, but have a happy day anyway)

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