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The life of a time traveler is usually an easy one. Nobody tells you what to do, when to wake up, where to go or what to save. You can skip all those boring Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons at your own discretion, and quickly get to those exciting, adventure-filled Saturdays when everything is possible. Once in a while, you get turned into a pony and flung into another universe, but that's certainly better that getting killed by an astronaut at Lake Silencio in Utah.

However, when a bizarre, nigh-omnipotent mish-mash of a creature with the head of a goat shows up uninvited inside your TARDIS, it's usually a good reason to panic...

Doctor Who/My Little Pony crossover, taking place during "The Return of Harmony", and elsewhen. This is the first thing I ever wrote. Please, leave a comment and a rating if possible, so that I may have an idea on whether or not I'm doing my job right.

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