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After making one too many mistakes, Baron La Croix finds himself rudely exiled from the spirit world, the Loa ordered to either fix a great imbalance in the mortal world, or face the ultimate punishment for his sins. Unfortunately, the rude, loudmouthed Loa knows absolutely nothing about ponies, let alone where to begin his journey... but he soon meets a zebra well-versed in the Old Ways who is willing to help him in more ways than he would ever imagine.

First story in the Songs for Lost Children series.

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to One Wish For Nothing

She was once known as Princess Celestia; now, all call her Hecate, Empress of Clockwork World. Her machines soldier endlessly on, rebuilding a mechanical world for her subjects of steel.

But when a young pony colt is brought to her, to be taken in and hidden from the rest of the world, she finds herself struggling between ancient maternal instincts... and bitter memories of what happened to the last child she dared to care for.

Fourth story in the Songs of Lost Children series.

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to Zecora's Pinata

Cadence has a secret, knows there's something else she'd really prefer doing in life. But after Shining Armor is kidnapped in broad daylight, she knows she has no other choice but to use these skills to get him back. Here's to Rust and mrmayortheiv for their suggestions.

Second story in the Songs for Lost Children series.

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Thorn of the Rose

Cadence has settled in to her new home and new life in Clockwork World, as an Orphan: a pony trained to step in and protect other worlds when threats appear beyond what they can handle. Possessed by a force known as the Swan that will not allow her to remain dead, it gives Cadence a chance to use her powers for good and find meaning in her life. Her new life, however, all too soon brings her into contact with specters of her past who desire the Swan for their own ends, putting everything Cadence cares about in danger.

Final story in the Songs of Lost Children series.

Chapters (128)

This story is a sequel to The Rhythm Of The Dance

He has many names, but no matter what he calls himself, everypony knows he's pure evil. Or at least they would, if he hadn't been exiled for five hundred years by Celestia. But now he's returned to take his revenge and destroy Equestria... even if Celestia seems to be acting a little strange...

Third story in the Songs for Lost Children series.

Chapters (11)
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