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The Battlefield Friends all download the Equestrian DLC, but find out it holds a whole 'nother world. The Equestrian DLC allows players to fully immerse themselves into a gigantic open world. With two teams RU and US, players can have huge battles, small skirmishes or firefights. With the upgraded player count engine with now 64 players and Frostbite 3's levolution engine, the Equestrian DLC is an awesome map pack that holds a little bit more than just your average multiplayer content. See you on the battlefield.

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I'm Bear Grylls, excellent survival expert and I spent thirteen years in the British military. I'm here on a new show ever since I was fired from the discovery channel for drinking too much piss and shoving turtle blood up my ass. So it is my sole duty to randomly jump from a plane or helicopter and teach you the ways of Man V. Equestria.
"Remember share with your friends and don't forget to hit that like button."- Bear Grylls

A short story one shot fic.

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How friendship's are tried and enemys are made. What happens when Luna finds some strange alien equipment and what may she find in the world of this 'internet'?

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