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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 4

Twilight Sparkle, her brothers, and their friends have just dealt with Tirek, saved the breezies and grown a castle out of a small treasure chest.

The Ponyville betting pool has never had bets this wild before on what the Sparkles will do next.

Still for once they would very much like a break from all the nonsense for a while. Of course the universe has other plans.

With unstable unicorns, a tree that gives missions, dating demi gods, another suitor chasing Rahs, Song Fishies return, wanted criminals, Yaks, Discord, Friendship summits, new shops, reworking spells, crossdressing, cutie- marks, time travel, concerts, feuding families, an invasion, and the edgiest unicorn mare you have ever seen, the Sparkles and their friends find there there truly is no rest for the wicked.

[ As usual I post my Slightly dirty tag here as while there is no clop or smut, it's hinted and and conversations tend to get a little filthy, also Cadence.]

Useing Ko-Fi to accept donations to get Fan art for the story. What art I have so far is also linked HERE!

TGaP now has a TV Tropes Page thanks to matt+s0101745, You can find that HERE.

TGaP also has a Wiki starter now thanks to Dragonoidsix seekers

Cover art by marking

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The Duke thought that having Prince DeSoutter packed off as envoy to Equestria would keep the aggravating boy safely out of the way and while it generally does, he does also come back every so often, often with things that the Duke really doesn't want to hear.

Chapters (1)

Do you ever regret things you did in the past? Whether it was accidentally insulting someone, or waging a war against a concept with chocolate rain and licorice trees? Well, Discord doesn’t “regret” it, but he can admit he made a mistake or two.

But his past certainly disagrees.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Discord's Time Travel Trip.

Somehow, (Discord), someway (definitely Discord), Nightmare Moon meets her future self. (It’s all because of Discord.)

How will she react to seeing the mare she’s destined to become? And how will Luna feel when confronted by her dark past?

(For those of you who will ask, this Discord is the younger Discord of the previous fic.)

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“Technically,” Celestia continued. “If any of us two ever married somepony, they’d be royalty too. They’d be loved by the population, right?”

“...sister, no.” The dark alicorn deadpanned.

“What?” Celestia protested. “You said you loved the night. If you married the night, she’d be a princess like us, and the ponies would love the night!”

Set in "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT EPISODE TO CALL THIS". Not to be taken seriously.

Chinese translation here!

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Reformed changeling Thorax approaches Spike and Twilight with a royal dilemma: reforming Queen Chrysalis. Twilight thinks she knows just the mare for the job - and that mare has a peculiar solution.

Takes place between "The Times They Are a Changeling" and the end of Season 6.

Written for NaNoWriMo 2021

Story inspired by cover art used by jargon scott.

Featured as of 01/04/22! Thank you all so much!

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With the opening of the Equestrian embassy in Kansas City comes a new age of interspecies cooperation. Naturally, the first pony tourists want to explore the most exciting of all places in the US Midwest: Wamego Kansas on the Fourth of July

Editing assistance by Tek and Admiral Biscuit

Picture schleped together out of some public domain clip art and scribbles

Chapters (2)

Drama, mystery and funny stuff all wrapped in an epic adventure! Follow Pinkie Pie as she finds herself in the magical world of wizarding Britain. Here she will find new friends, new baked goods and new parties!

But be warned because Pinkie will face many horrors and challenges along the way and her journey will not be for the faint of heart.

(Warning for crass language!)

Chapters (22)

Since before the founding of Equestria, when darkness threatens the harmonious balance of the world, souls of heroes are called upon to save it. The greater the power, the more potentially disastrous the coming doom. So when a new, mysterious pony ascends to alicorn-hood, Twilight Sparkle immediately calls upon her former mentor for aid, bringing the power of the royal sisters to help determine the cause of her sudden appearance.

Will Equestria be ready for the potential threat that can come with such a powerful force being unleashed? It will take courage, patience, and weathering the ire of one rather angry mother to survive.

Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian
Pre-read by: Perfectly Insane and Stormfox
Cover Art: Extra Life's Logo edited by Myself
Inspired by: Jan Animation's series, Button's Adventures, and his Deleted Scene: Hearts and Hooves Day
Featured from 12/29/2021 to 01/02/2022. Thank you!

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The Mane 6 learn who Princess Skystar's father is. They weren't ready.

Written for TheSpookyVoidCaller for Jinglemas 2021

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