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All the world is indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers, and portrayers; each anothers audience outside the gilded cage.

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When Radiant Wish learns she's pregnant with a colt, she and her husband, Cloudshaper, are ecstatic. Every parent wants what's best for their children, so rumors of a village where everypony is accepted as equal piques the couple's curiosity. How great would it be to raise a foal without fear of adversity? Starlight Glimmer, the village mayor, seems like a nice pony, but the price of equality is great. Can Radiant make such a sacrifice?

Proofreading and typography by Derpypaws
Artwork by Nekotigerfire

Chapters (1)

Being the sensible farmpony that she is, Applejack knows that spiders are nothing to be afraid of. Fluttershy herself would tell her that. But that still didn't stop her from harboring a deep-seeded fear of those eight-legged critters. And when Fluttershy's spiders escape their homes, Applejack starts seeing them everywhere.

She promptly freaks out and runs away.

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Twilight Sparkle has obtained the combined power of all four princesses of Equestria. Wielding this power, she confronts Lord Tirek, but the result of their fight is a tie. When he holds her friends hostage, she is forced to make a difficult choice.

All is not lost, however: one force remains in Equestria that could give her the edge she needs to defeat her foe, save her friends, and restore the world. She need only retrieve it from Zecora and place it around her neck...

Runner-up (one-shots category) in the Twyrant's Kingdom Competition.

Story inspiration: Corruption of a Desperate Mare, by Chris Wöhrer.

Edited by NightWolf289, AugieDog, and Prak. Thanks also to Pascoite for his WRITE review.

Rated teen for gore and dark themes.

Featured on:
Fimfiction.net Feature Box (05/12/14)
Equestria Daily!
The Royal Guard's Fic Spotlight #10.

This story is 100% approved by Twilight's Library!
Approved by Nonpareil Fiction!

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A changeling who has lived at the side of an Equestrian mare for most of his life finds himself in the middle of the changeling invasion of Canterlot. He has no idea who the invading queen or hive are, and just wants to stay where he is, and more importantly, who he is.

The spell that ends the invasion doesn't discriminate, though. With his old pony form irreversibly stripped away, and the whole kingdom out to hunt his kind, he tries to keep his family together, and struggles to find his place in the world.

Please comment! Even now, I'd love to hear what people think as they read through :pinkiehappy:

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Czech version:
Flitter on Google Docs translated by Draim (published at bronies.cz)

Russian version:
Флиттер on ponyfiction.org translated by repitter.
Audio book on YouTube by Diogenus.

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After a spree of indecent, criminal acts in America, Justin Bieber is deported to Canada. But they don't want him either, so he's exiled to Equestria. Will he make the best of his clean slate, or will he continue to be a spoiled brat? Yes.

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This story is a sequel to Being Neighborly

Sheriff May Berry must keep the peace at a Eutaw County Board of Supervisors meeting. The good citizens of Eutaw need to remove a little potty humor from their landscape. Politics as usually, and other things going terribly wrong, in Equestria's wild west.

Chapters (1)

A phoenix lives in the brief second of a raging fire, vivid with energy and massive, powerful strength. The warmth is overwhelming and immense, but not eternal. That heavenly blast of life lasts only a short while, and it often becomes time for the rebirth, and desolation, of the blazing legend. A new spirit must rise from the ashes, and the last one must embrace its final moments. But how hard is that death, when the only life you live is entirely pure?

"That. Was. Incredible. I loved it! " -The Coffee Mare
"Nicely done. Has a French texture to it with a bit of Edgar Allan Poe with the words. " -Nordenfelt

This is a free verse poem! It is written in no traditional form, nor does it systematically follow some poetic rules.

Partial explanation: Philomena is one being, yet every time she rises from her ashes, a new spirit takes over her body. This is the cycle of the spirits, not the cycle of the phoenix.

Cover art by: Me

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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, humans were suddenly all over the freakin' place.

Legends said nothing but horrible things about them, and that the only way to deal with a human was to make them no longer be a human. First contact showed otherwise, and cooler heads prevailed. The newly-organized Transmogrification department was gutted, with most of the agents sent to work elsewhere. Many government employees were organized to help the humans settle in; the best and brightest got to work at the extremely challenging job of calculating multiversal exchange rates so that human cash could be traded in for bits.

Now, for the first time ever, you can see what it's like to work at the Conversion Bureau.
(Don't forget to upvote if you fave!)

This is by far my most popular story, so... thanks, everyone!

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In the final days of her life, an exceptionally faithful student muses on the subject of her perfect and immortal mentor Applejack.

Now with Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi!

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(A collab by JaketheGinger and Luminary)
Equestria isn't what it should be.

Celestia is a figure of distant mythology. Progress has replaced harmony as society's watchword. Progress born of spell, steam and gears. A dark corruption eats away at Canterlot and stretches out its influence.

In the shadow of the dying capital are scattered points of light. The selfless pink toymaker, caring for nothing but a smile. A unicorn noblemare feeding the ghettos. An airship captain who gave up wealth and status to stamp out injustice. They, amongst others, are thrown together by danger and flight, and find themselves gambling on a desperate bid to restore Equestria.

(Welcome to EqD ponies! Thanks for the feature!)

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