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Alcohol can do all kinds of funny things to a pony. It can give courage, make you crazy talkative, or even super quiet. It can also lead to accidents, such as crashing into your fillyfriend’s backyard.
Friday night is a time of fun and drinking for many in the Ponyville weather team. When some surprise faces show up for drinks, will Rainbow Dash’s resolve to cut back on her drinking hold firm?

Set pre-Rainbow Dash joining the Wonderbolts.

Chapters (1)

Bone Daddy has lived for several hundred centuries. Most of what made him equine and anything like his pony brethren has long since been lost to the cold dead ravages of study. He published medical papers through the decades and was funded by Princess Luna from well before she ever became Nightmare Moon. Now, something has arrived, a tiny package that he must deal with. A package that is alive and breathing still, with an innocence that might save him.

Featured: 11/24/2018 - 1/26/2018

Mr Numbers
Enigmatic Otaku

Artwork by:
Glacier Frostclaw

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My name is James Clark, and I am a Private Military Contractor. No, not Mercenary. Yes, there is a difference, but that's beside the point.

Ok, where was I? Ah yes, I was just entering my office in Downtown Houston one afternoon to hear a job offer. When I got there, I found a beautiful, robe-wearing woman waiting for me. Now, in this day and age, most people would find that strange. I didn't for two reasons.

1) In this line of work, you run into a few crazies. If I had a dollar for every nut-job I turned away, I could buy a small European country.

2) It was Halloween. Hell, I was on my way to a party dressed in a replica suit of Veteran Ranger Armor from Fallout: New Vegas, complete with gas mask and real riot gear I borrowed from a friend on the SWAT team. I was gonna win the costume contest for sure!

I'm getting off topic, aren't I? Anyways, this weirdo offered me a job without going into much detail. No location, no objective, not even a dollar amount The only thing I got out of her was the promise that I would be saving thousands, if not millions of lives.

Every instinct told me to turn the job down, and yet I still accepted it. Maybe the idea of playing hero again had its appeal.

God, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Chapters (6)

Sunset Shimmer has been accepted by the girls at Canterlot High as a friend and she's learning a lot about friendship. However, she still finds herself missing her old home more often than not. She decides to volunteer her time at the local horse park to try and give herself something to do and reconnect, at least vaguely, with her equine roots.

Before the Battle of the Bands Adagio Dazzle had everything she thought she needed. Ambition, power, loyal-ish minions and her voice. Now, she has nothing. No friends, no magic and no future unless she can figure out how to pick herself up after the defeat of the Dazzlings.

Perhaps fellow failed villain could help her through these tough times?

Chapters to be released once per month. Unless life gets in the way.

Chapters (12)

War is war. There is no in-between. In the midst of chaos and death, sometimes incredible stories surface in the military community. And sometimes, the story becomes the reality.

Corporal Ben Wolfe of the 13th Army Expeditionary Unit shouldn't be alive, but he is. He's alive because of his daughter. He's alive because of Rainbow Dash. He's alive because of the pony in his pocket.

But a plastic toy won't save you forever. A plastic pony can't go back to your family to tell them your fate. Who, then, will be with Wolfe when the end comes?

The pony in his pocket?

Featured on Equestria Daily! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/04/story-pony-in-my-pocket.html

Cover by totallynotabrony: http://totallynotabronyfim.deviantart.com/art/The-Pony-in-my-Pocket-cover-art-332699355

Chapters (3)

All magic vanished from the world when Discord fell. Along with it, the might of the unicorns and alicorn princesses dwindled. Even the Elements Of Harmony lost their potence and were lost in the sea of time.

Left without the guidance of the alicorns and the magic of harmony, the ponies soon raised Equestria to a country ruled by science and industry. But still, some remain who dream of magic.

As the mysterious beast Magia threatens the world, a sickly filly named Twilight Sparkle and five friends take it upon themselves to delve into the caverns beneath Canterlot to find the burial ground of magic, the Lunarium.

This is an ongoing Rewrite. The story in and of itself was finished in April 2013 but needed some massive editing. This new version features all new scenes, better descriptions, less mistakes, 3D-Effects, and a gratis code for the DLC-Character "Emo Pie", which on any other occasion would've been a pre-order bonus only.

Or something.

Current Coverart by: kmrshy, go check 'em out.

Also thanks to everybody who helps/ed editing this story, no matter if you did only help me with one chapter or all. Thank you for turning this rewrite from another mess into a brilliant story!

Chapters (31)

A lot happened to Twilight Sparkle the year before she made the transition to Ponyville. before she realized the value of a friend, and before she saved all of Equestria...
After a chance encounter with "Rainbow:" an enigmatic, amnesiac pegasus mare with a rainbow-striped mane and a knack for mischief, Twilight begrudgingly finds herself overseeing her recovery, all while questions keep surfacing. Like who is she? Where did she come from? And more importantly... why can't she get her off of her mind?
As days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months, destinies are revealed and the past is dug up as Rainbow's memories begin to resurface; and as sinister forces set their sights on Equestria, Twilight and Rainbow find they must overcome themselves in order to become the heroes they are meant to be.
Cover Art by dSana, Edits to Chapters 1-13 provided by xgfhj

Chapters (13)

One would think that the wounded Trixie would appreciate Twilight Sparkle taking her in to nurse her back to health. But for some ponies, leaning on someone else isn't so easy. Their crossing of paths sets them both on a journey that neither of them would've expected...

Chapters (32)

For Derpy Hooves, it seems like every day gets worse than before. Her whole life she has been seen as nothing but a rolling disaster. She's seen as a clueless, quirky, messed up pony, simply due to her walleyed disability. How can she possibly hope to erase the stereotypes she was assigned? For Derpy, it's impossible.

Impossible, that is, until she chances into a certain purple unicorn. Will this meeting be yet another failure, or could it be the opportunity she's been looking for, and how could that opportunity affect her life?

I'd like to thank slip_stitch for being both an editor and a proofreader for me. Without her help, this story would literally be one giant punctuation error.
Also, thanks to Ardensfax for giving me the inspiration to try my hand at writing, Tobyc for putting a massive amount of work into a tvtropes page dedicated to the story, and Perilian for the massive amount of encouragement that kept me motivated enough to work my hardest at writing.

With a giant thanks to Kevinltk, Address Unknown is now available in both ePub and mobi formats! If you would like to download them, they are available here:

ePub - Teen (Clop Free)
mobi - Teen (Clop Free)

Cover art designed by Novel Idea

And, for everyone out there that enjoys Address Unknown, I have been honored to have a dramatic reading done by HanaYoriUta!

Here are the links, in 3 separate installments:
Chapters 1-15
Chapters 16-30
Clop Chapters

Chapters (30)

The legends told of their return.

For over a decade Equestria has been beset by the dragons. Every year more villages vanish in flames, and the lonely cities stand as our last redoubt. Winter has gripped the world, and our hope is fading.

But the legends tell of another, a light in the darkness. The Dragonborn, a mythic warrior reborn with the power of the Voice, the only one who can stand against the dragons.

But when she appeared, she was not what we were expecting...

Chapters (9)
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