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Abandoned by her parents and raised by her wits, Scootaloo knows about the dangers of dreaming. Any focus given to an impossible goal is focus lost from finding food, shelter, and warmth for another night. Settling herself in Ponyville, she lives day by day, surviving on scavenged meals and the love of her friends and idol.

But when Scootaloo collapses and is diagnosed with a terrible disease, her fragile life is thrown into disarray. Her resolve is tested as her illness impacts Rainbow Dash, strains her friendships, and confines her to a hospital bed. With nothing but hope to drive her forward, how long can Scootaloo fight when blind to the only thing she has to hold on to?

Thanks to JakeHeritagu, Corejo, Void Chicken, zaponator, and CSquared08 for editing.

Cover Art provided by RainbowGambler.

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It is the summer of 2020. The popular TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has finished its eighth, and what appears to be final, season. In the wake of increasingly violent attacks by an extremist Internet-based terrorist group, the founders of the popular pony site, Equestria Daily, decide enough is enough. Bronies from all over the world have gathered in a small, abandoned industrial park in the run-down outskirts of Chicago to find the culmination of their dreams: Equestria. Through the wonders of science, they flee Earth for a land of magic, mystery and secrets. They will be weighed, they will be measured... will they be found wanting or will their dreams come true?

Story Idea inspired by a chapter in Shipping and Handling by PegasusRescueBrigade.

Cover image is a composite of the original Stargate movie poster and 'Canterlot At Night' by Cosmicunicorn, Source

The Sequel: Magical Wizard Brony Detectives

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Three years after the 'Cupcakes Massacre', Pinkamena Diane Pie is held in the Canterlot Prison for the Mentally Unbalanced. The state declared that ponies like her were beyond treatment or reason... but one doctor took interest into the mare's case and wanted to crack open her psyche in order to better understand her actions. Soon, a mental game of cat and mice takes place; in which you never know when one will be cornered.

~ Sequel: Dysphoria

[Cover image by LavosVsBahamut]

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‘Have you ever,’ she started, ‘broken a promise you made?’

Celestia and Luna live a carefree childhood at Canterlot Castle, but its end approaches far too quickly — no matter how much they struggle, they find themselves drifting apart. And without their noticing, a new evil rises that could drive a wedge between them for good...

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Earth pony, pegasus pony, unicorn; a human entering a Conversion Bureau will end up as one of these three pony forms. But there is a secret provision, to which all Bureaus must adhere utterly, should one unlikely but intolerable transformation somehow occur. The absolute monarch of Equestria fears nothing from the human world. Nothing save this. Lillian Fogarty wanted only to be a simple pony in Equestria. Sought by the combined forces of Earth's corporate government and the might of Equestria itself she finds herself an abomination in both worlds, her survival almost certainly an impossibility.

As Featured On Equestria Daily!

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Everyone has an imaginary friend growing up: a stuffed animal, a companion to guard us when the monsters come knocking and the like. We know them and love them; they mean everything to us. But have we ever stopped to ask what we mean to them?

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Upon eavesdropping on a conversation between Rarity and Twilight Sparkle, Spike discovers what his "true love" really thinks of him, and after reminiscing on his thoughts about it, he slowly begins to drift away from his friends. With sorrow and despair in his heart, Spike runs away from home, and runs into an old enemy that tries to help him out.

However, after realizing what she has done, Rarity begins to realize and discover that she has feelings for Spike after all, but can she save him before it's too late?

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From a young age, Ditzy Doo knew she wasn't like most ponies. Jinxed and uncoordinated, she was shunned from all social circles as she grew up. When a friend finally comes her way, Ponyville's residential mailmare will surprise everyone—including herself—when she demonstrates how far she's willing to go to keep that friendship.

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Don't you remember back when you used to play, as children? When you were carefree? When you loved her? Can't you still feel her with you? Don't you miss her anymore?
She misses you...

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When Twilight finds herself suddenly losing control over her magic, our six equine heroes find themselves drwn back to the site where they became the Elements of Harmony to confront an ancient creature, older than Equestria itself.

[Status <10.01.2014>]
Arc 00, Arc 01 edited; Interlude in progress

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