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Equestria has been torn apart by war; torn apart by greed. By selfishness. By Jealousy. The wastelands are corrupted with Raiders, Mercenaries, and Outlaws that continue to do damage. But when a changeling, suffering from amnesia, wakes up in Stable 7 with no memories of his past, or of who he is. Hope has been found. Not only for the wastelands, or the filly he's helping, but for Equestria as a whole.

Loved Kkat's Fallout: Equestria as well as ALL the fallout games so I've decided to make one myself.

This will also be a choice driven story. At the end of every chapter, there would be three choices ranging from Good (+good karma -bad karma), Neutral (-good karma and -bad karma), and Evil (-good karma, +bad karma). The choices made will influence the Lone Changeling's behavior as well as the ones around him and the decisions made will affect the story.

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