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Vinyl Scratch accidentally discovers a technology that already exists, but understanding how it works leads to a greater understanding of the Horrendous Hypothesis.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (5)

Far to the north, in the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadance has a ceremony known as the blindfold wedding, and ponies come from all over with the hopes of finding a mate. Somehow, Princess Cadance has her ways and means, and her blindfold weddings have a curiously high success rate, given what they are: two strangers who have never met getting hitched with one another.

Furious Funnel, a tornado wrangler by trade, decides that it is time to do something else with his life. After saying goodbye to his bosom companion Braeburn, he heads north with the hopes of finding a bride. He might not get what he wants, or even expects, but he’ll get exactly what he needs.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Stink Sentry.

Chapters (17)

Yam Spade is an earth pony detective with a helpful earth pony sense. He can find almost anything.

Azure Serape is a burro who has a mysterious past and has an identity that she keeps secret.

Together, these two have a knack for getting into trouble.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (14)

Jitterbug, daughter of Junebug, just doesn't want to work in her mother's garden, because gardens are boring and gross. No, she'd rather go out and have an adventure. After gathering some much needed supplies, she arms herself with her trusty spatula and her pot-lid shield, before sneaking out the back gate to explore the wide world around her.

Along the way she discovers that she has an previously unknown aunt, a giant spider that calls himself Aunt Nancy, and together, they go into the dark and spooky White Tail Woods.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (4)

Boxcars and her little brother, Domino, cross the breadth of the world to reach the promised land, but did not expect Equestria to be guarded by strange, nightmarish bird creatures.

What else do you call a plague doctor when you've never seen one out in the open before?

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (5)

One morning, just before work, Copperquick finds a basket, a blanket, and a bundle of bills.

A foal, the aftermath of his wing fetish and a one night stand with an exotic dancer in the employ of Sapphire Shores, has arrived just outside his door. In thirty minutes, he needs to be at work. At night, he needs to be in class. Overwhelmed, Copperquick goes to find help, only to find that there is very little to be had.

Twilight Velvet, a champion of reform, sees a way that she can make a difference, but only if she can get Copperquick to do the right thing. As with every other major event of social reform, somepony has to be brave enough to go first.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (15)

Prickle didn't ask to become so strong, but it just happened. Now, as a growing foal, she's mightier than many grown stallions. What's an earth-filly to do? She tries her best to move forward and not draw attention to her supernatural strength.

Chapters (60)

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or simply Princess Cadance, discovers that something else has returned with the Crystal Empire, an ancient enemy once feared by all bound within a crystal prison, secured away in one of Sombra's many hidden laboratories.

Will Princess Cadance have the heart to face this enemy from the past and do what is right? Or will even love be powerless against such a foe?

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a centuries-old mystery hidden in the Royal Archives. Her investigation leads through layer after layer of deception and misdirection, setting her hooves on a path that seems to be leading to a mysterious secret. Along the way, she learns that some friendships can be very, very strange.

Book 1 of the Alicorn Adventure series.

AUDIOBOOK by VisualPony
Featured at the Royal Canterlot Library
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WARNING: Major spoilers in the comments. Takes place several months after the end of season four. (Not a Da Vinci Code crossover, BTW!)

Do you see a dark tag? No, you don't. Not dark. Well, okay, there are a couple of dark-ish bits, but that's all. Not enough to warrant a tag. Speaking of tags, there really ought to be "Badass Twilight" and "Friendshipping" ones.

Sequels and side-stories (and more) can be found here Offprint and AO3, and a hardbound two-volume set of all that can be ordered from The Ministry of Image.

My editor for the first edition of this story was Gogito, and I can't thank him enough for all the hard work he did. My editor for the revised version was PresentPerfect, and he did a terrific job of getting the story into excellent shape.

Chapters (24)

The Flim and Flam brothers show up at Sweet Apple Acres, claiming to be relatives with a problem.

A cute, adorable little problem who will turn the Apple family inside-out.

Editors: Peter, Tek, TheMaskedFerret, Pascoite
Cover picture: Clipart

Chapters (11)