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Wind Whistler lived in Cloudsdale, but she awoke to find herself and ponies from across Equestria in a strange castle on an alien world. Rings arc across the southern sky and a pair of moons serve as a constant reminder they are far from home. Will they ever see Equestria again, especially when they must face the most dangerous species ponykind has ever encountered?

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Equestria is enjoying a time of prosperity. Through the efforts of Twilight, Starlight, and all their friends, ponykind is now enjoying new relations with the Dragons, Changelings, and Griffons. But a new foe appears that will put these new friendships to the ultimate test.

Grogar, the Dark Lord of Tambelon.

Leading an army of Arimaspis and Trogals possessing advanced anti-magic technology, this ancient foe has set his sights on Equestria. And in order to stop him, our heroes must reach out to their new friends.

But Grogar will not let them do so easily...

Cover pic made by me with resources from Tara Jenkins, Vector Brony, and numerous others.

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The mirror held in the Crystal Empire opens once every 30 moons to Canterlot High. At least it did.

The mirror has started to open once every five moons but not to Canterlot High. It opens to a completely different world. Celestia has created a colonization effort called Equestria Nova to establish a presence in this new world. Ponies from across Equestria have been selected to start a new life here. However, they soon discover this world works very differently from Equestria.

Proofread by Caden who also did the cover art.

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((NOTE: "Twilight's Kingdom", all information revealed in it, and all events after it are non-canonical to this story.))

When strange black clouds gather over Equestria, it marks the beginning of a dangerous new adventure. Now the Mane Six must travel to a strange, dark realm to save the friends who are being held prisoner there. Will they succeed? Or will the darkness of this world consume all of Equestria?

Based on the original My Little Pony TV Special, "The Rescue from Midnight Castle".

Cover image by the highly-talented Elisto from deviantART: www.elisto.deviantart.com

Chapters (10)
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