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This story is a sequel to How to Propose to a Princess

Flash Sentry's time is almost up, and he knows it. It has been an incredible life, filled with so many wonderful and hilarious memories, and he wouldn't trade it for anything. Now, as his time slowly ticks down to zero, her remembers all the wonderful memories that made his life so magical, preparing himself for the final goodbye.


Written as a tribute to G4 of My Little Pony, and a way of saying that as one journey comes to an end, another one is always just around the corner.

The cover art was a commission from the very talented jucamovi1992 on Deviantart.

Update: Featured on 10/12/2019!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Chapters (1)

Applejack and Flash have known each other for a long time, yet very rarely have they ever spent much time together. One day though, after one thing leads to another, the two agree to have lunch.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Forgotten Darkness

When the castle gives our heroes a strange new relic, the group find themselves at the weirdest town in Equestria. There, they meet Starlight Glimmer, a unicorn that seems to be hiding something. Will this secret be the doom of our heroes?

Edited by AandWguy

Now on TVtropes

Chapters (3)

Applejack and Rarity graduated from bonded friends to thoughtful lovers. This is one of their Saturday mornings.

This is an entry to celebrate this wonderful Pride Month. It would not have been possible without Heartshine and Gara's keen eyes, and Hap's analytical flair!

Cover art adapted from VerumTee's Rarity and Applejack, commissioned by Darkwerehog who granted his graceful permission!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Trials of Love

Written for FlashLight Week 2019 Day 6

Prompt of the day: Time

As in "It is time, people! It is finally time!" Yeah, believe me. It's MUCH better than how I'm making it sound. :ajsmug:

Cover art by ro994 (Please check out her stuff on deviantart)

Chapters (1)

You can find all kinds of stuff in a clinic waiting room. Uncomfortable chairs, a TV that's maybe a decade out of date, stacks of years-old magazines, cranky patients. Flash Sentry manages to find a new friend.

Story is set roughly 1-2 years prior to when the first Equestria Girls movie would have started.

Written for FlashLight Week 2019 Day 5

Prompt of the day: Gloom

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Dare You to Move

Ah, graduation, the time when teenagers make the leap and soar into the next chapter of their lives. Just how are Flash and his friends dealing with the transition?

Written for FlashLight Week 2019 Day 4

Prompt of the day: Flight

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle, a young filly with dreams of learning all she can about magic. Rarely does she spend time with other ponies her age, instead focusing on her books and her studies. But one day, while keeping her nose in an especially engrossing tome, she soon finds herself with an unexpected playmate for the afternoon.

Chapters (1)

(This story is currently cancelled, so only the five chapters that I had previously written and published will be posted here)

-Equestria Girls AU, shortly after "Friendship Games"- Twilight Sparkle (AKA Sci-Twi) has just transferred to Canterlot High School, and she tries her best to fit in. Luckily for her, Flash Sentry is willing to help her out and be her friend. But as stronger feelings start to develop between the two of them, an all too familiar magical threat arrises.

Chapters (5)

Princess Twilight meets a young filly in a wheelchair on the night of her crowning ceremony. The filly opened up to her and she mentioned was she's her most favourite princess. However she due to her disability she feels left out and wished she is like the other foals.

Twilight decides she wants to help the filly.

Loosely based on a comic by anonymous author I found. The link is at the end of the story because its a huge spoiler.

Chapters (2)
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