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While providing support for the Elements of Harmony as they go up against a magical anomaly, Midnight Blossom and her team of thestrals find a strange stallion in the forest. His loud and proud ways are antithetical to their stealth mission, no matter how insistent he is that he knows the world-ending, all-powerful wizard they're hunting on a personal level.

This story takes place in the RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) universe. I originally wrote it in greentext, but altered it to prose for FIMfiction. This version will be updated alongside its greentext counterpart.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Honey Pie II: The Wrath of Chrysalis

Sweetcake has come far in life. From a defeated drone, stranded alone in Canterlot, he's become the queen of a large and powerful changeling hive. And he's doing a surprisingly good job at it. He even has time left over from his royal duties to help Pinkie Pie with her parties. Unfortunately for Sweetcake, Pinkie, and the entire hive, his hive is not the only hive out there, and the others don't approve of allying with ponies. Caught between betraying his friends and the welfare of his subjects, any choice may spell disaster.

Cover art by AnticularPony. Cover text design by Jordanis.

Chapters (7)

The plight of the endless CT-T war has arrived in Equestria! Observe the Equestrians as they watch the CTs and Ts duke it out and see endless humans die and come back to life, all while watching their beloved buildings and monuments be possibly destroyed every match for 10 rounds!

This story brought to you by Valve, Gaben, My Little Pony, Hasbro, the letter 'T', and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Negative six-star rating and never featured on Equestria Daily!

Chapters (7)

(11/17/17 Featured!)
(2/12/18 Featured again!)

The Lone Wanderer.

A young man who has seen so much in so little a time. He was only nineteen when he left his home, vault 101, in search of his missing father. He trekked the Capital Wasteland in search of him, gunning down raiders, super mutants and all other sorts of abominations to finish what his dad has started and bring back life giving water to the Capital Wasteland. Now, ten years later, he is thrown into a whole new world to explore. A world where humans are pets and horses can talk.

This is going to be a loooong day.

(I do not own Fallout or MLP)
(Part of the'Your Human and You-Verse')

Chapters (5)

He is known by many titles. Three Dog calls him 'Mr. 101', some call him 'The Messiah', his fellow Brotherhood members calls him a Paladin, but to all, he is known as the 'Lone Wanderer'. He help destroy the Enclave and it's remnants, help free the slaves from both the Pitt and Paradise Falls, took control over an Alien Mothership with survivors, and more than he can even listed.

But now though, after stumbling through some portal, is now trapped in a world known as Equestria with only the gear on his back and wrist.

(It's Fallout 3, but with Fallout 4 style. Also, MLP characters will be humanized, but have their abilities. Like the Pegusi will still have their wings, Unicorns, while not having horns, still uses magic, etc)

(NOTE: I do NOT own either. MLP is own by Hasbro and the Fallout Franchise is own by Bethesda)

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When Scootaloo crashes into twilight during a magic experiment they get teleported to an unknown city that's burning and has weird creatures scattered in the streets. As the two separated stranded ponies roam around the city separately trying to figure out where they ended up, will they try to make it home as fast as possible or will they stay to help a species that's being systematically eradicated?

I'll try to upload chapters whenever I finish them. :twilightsmile:

Cover art by myself

23-12-18: I got featured!:rainbowderp:
2 - 1 - 19: Again :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: This entire thing is going to be edited and partially re-written somewhere in the future.

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Wonderbolt in training Splitstream is a cocky Pegasus who has everything laid out for them. Everything changes one day when when his chain of command sends him and his team to the wastelands where he learns he isnt the best, but for a special little filly he needs to be.

This is a remake of my original story!!! Please support Kkat and read the original Fallout Equestria story!
Edited and Co authored by
Hunter Steel

SORRY... I am going to be deleting this and restarting the story over... I noticed many mistakes and I want to try again with this story... thanks for understanding


Chapters (12)

Ex-Army Ranger Adal Lupe has known nothing but war for the past two years of his life. Said life has been a day to day struggle, with no guarantee that he'll live to see the next sunrise. In fact, by all rights, he just saw his last.

So when he wakes up in Equestria, he'll soon find that there are some challenges far greater than surviving in a time of war.

Note: Did some editing on the first chapter, hopefully for the better.

Chapters (1)

Long ago, the Seraphim granted power to the Doom Slayer that he might conquer the forces of Hell. The Doom Slayer has won, Hell lies defeated, and now he returns to the Seraphim's holy realm. His mission is not over though, he has promises to fulfill, rewards to collect, and as always, evil to defeat. Let those who would harm this sacred land tremble, for the Guardian of Equestria, has returned!

(This story now has two sequels: Legion and the novella Doom Slayer.)

Chapters (27)

Surprise is a young pegasus mare eking out a modest existence as a third-rate Enclave soldier in the Primum Mobile Military Base, a remote weather outpost on the edge of the cloud cover. Life in the Equestrian Wasteland below is a constant fight for survival, but above the clouds, the worst thing Surprise has to deal with are the hallucinations caused by her schizophrenia.
However, when the base discovers a hurricane is headed towards Enclave airspace, Surprise is among those sent into action to try and intercept it. As Surprise quickly learns, though, the impending tempest is no ordinary storm. Rather, it is a militarized pegasus city from before the Great War, possessing enough prewar wonders and horrors to make whoever gains control of it the most powerful pony in the sky...if the city doesn't completely destroy the aerial nation of the Enclave.

Update: Recently O. Hinds, the esteemed editor for Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, was amazing enough to read what currently exists of my story. Here's what he had to say about it, which he has given me permission to share:

“While at times Storm Chasers seems to me an odd story in a way that I cannot seem to put my hoof on, this is only a different quality, not an inferior one. I have found the plot and characters to be interesting, and the mechanical quality of the prose is quite impressive, particularly given Chaotic Dreams's lack of an editor; in Chapter 2 (the latest at this message's time of writing), I noticed only a few errors, and, while it has been much longer since I've read the first chapter, I do not recall anything particularly bad in that, nor did I see frequent errors in the skim I undertook just now. Oh, and the illustrations are pretty good.”

Cover art by DoomSp0rk.

Logo by TheOmegaRidley.

Surprise by Zubias.

Hurricane Megaspire by Nukechaser24.

Illustrations by me.

Chapters (3)