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After getting use to her life back on Equestria, Luna finally finds out about what happened to her child, after she was sent to the Moon. With Celestia’s help, she is reunited with her daughter and is shocked about who she turned out to be. Luna tries to explain to her and be apart of her life.

Will it work? Will this changed their relationship, that they already had?
Find out, next time, on Dragon ball Z- I mean... Read to find out

Warning: this is my first story, so please excuse my mistakes.

Chapters (7)

Sombra,waking and again finding himself inside the ice cold prison finds he has not been locked up alone...

A tale of friendship, love, madness, heartbreak and of course, the darkness inside us all that waits for just the right moment to consume us.

Chapters (2)

Source of Cover Art here

Queen Chrysalis had been caught and is on her way to Canterlot when she receives aid from an unexpected source. Who is this benefactor, and what plan do they have for the former Queen of the Changelings?

Chapters (4)

What do you do when given the choice between your existence, and the lives of your friends? What would you give up? Your happiness? Your life?

Your soul?

Twilight Sparkle embraces oblivion for her friends, and awakens the Soul of Hope.

Formerly known as The Harmony League.Hero Souls: Awakening FAQ

1. I enjoy writing fight scenes, so this story will be more violent than most MLP stories you'll find... I think. It won't be grimdark violence, but still.

2. This is an Alternate Universe story. The content within this story may or may not match up to canon.

Chapters (46)

When Twilight is stolen from her home, fate intervenes and brings her straight to her destiny. After growing up sheltered and loved by the spirits of the Tree of Harmony, Twilight will grow into her place in Equestria like never before while she searches for the family that raised her and gets to know the one she's lost.

(Unapologetically OP Twilight, if you’re going to nitpick that point then you are welcome to leave at any time.)

Chapters (7)

Granny Smith comes down with a rare disease called "kidney stones" that is baffling doctors all across Equestria.

But when a doctor assures the Apple Family that he can solve her painful problem, a new problem arises: paying for the treatment.

Faced with such a devastating (and expensive) problem, Applejack turns to her best friends, who come up with a rather dangerous way to make some fast cash.

Chapters (5)

When Twilight Sparkle learns that her assignment to make friends is the most essential one, she has a panic attack that results in a magic surge, one that puts her in a time loop.

Chapters (4)

Twilight Sparkle, a little Unicorn filly more curious than a cat, wanders to the top of a mountain to get away from everything and explore. She finds a hole in the mountain, and falls down into it. She expected to die, or to be trapped forever. She set out into the darkness, looking for and calling out for a way home...
...and adventure came.

A crossover of MLP: FiM and Undertale. The latter belongs to Toby Fox, the former belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Inspired by The Moon in the Dark, by Tatsurou; please go show him some support.
Rated T for safety's sake; will eventually involve bad puns, minor-to-mild language, possibly moments of violence and occasional crude humor. Oh, and puns. Lots and lots of puns.

Chapters (9)

Sunset Shimmer has finally rebuilt her life at Canterlot High. She has friends, she's in a band, people like her, everything's going great...

And then out of nowhere, she turns back into a small talking unicorn.

Now, with the help of her friends, she has to figure out why she's suddenly a pony in a human world, and whether or not she can become human again...or will have to leave her new life and go back to Equestria.

(Cover art vector sources: Elsia-pony, TheShadowStone)

Now with a TVTropes page!

Chapters (24)

Geyol, a half pony, and half dragon are also known as a Kirin, is the foster daughter of Nessonth and his mate Ymi. Along with her uncle, she learned draconic magic alongside her cousin Spike Scaleborn. She also gains a friend with Amber, the daughter of the Dragon Highlord, while she grew up.

Now she’s grown up she is tasked by the Highlord to be the bodyguard of Princess Amber as she travels to across the sea to the land of Equestria to sign a peace treaty between kingdoms. Along with Spike, an apprentice mage of his father, and Amber, the three travels to Canterlot to take part of the biggest event in Equestria (At the moment); the Marriage of Shining Armor and the Princess of Love Mi Amore Cadenza.

This is a Rewrite of Twilight, The Dragon Sorceress. If anyone wants to read that story here’s a Link to that story.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapters (1)
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