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This story is a sequel to Faster

Fluttershy had the best, most loyal pony in the world as her fiancee. But after the events of Faster, Rainbow Dash is gone. Now, weeks after the funeral, she still blames herself and own weakness for Dash's death. She also has questions. Who is this bigger, stronger pony glaring at her in the mirror? What hasn't she been told about Dash's death? When did this giant hole appear in the side of her bedroom wall? Why is she suddenly so quick to anger? And how will she handle the fact that the reports of Dash's death have been slightly exaggerated?

The kindest, gentlest, most soft-spoken pony in Ponyville is about to become the strongest pony in all of Equestria.

What happens when she gets mad?

Sequel to Faster. Featured 2/7-2/9. Added to Twilight's Library 2/7.

Note: I have left enough clues for you to piece together what happened without having to read Faster, but really, you should read Faster before reading this. It's a Nolan Sequel, not a Burton Sequel. (In terms of a continuity, I make no promises as to quality)

Additional Note: Because Knighty is a tyrant, I can't tag everyone on the poster, because my poster has six characters. But rest assured, I didn't work this hard on a sequel to Faster without eventually getting around to the fate of Dash.

Artwork by: 2153D (Sadly, probably our last collaboration due to his site retirement)

Pre-read/Produced by Cola Bubble Gum.

Additional pre-reading by: Space Commie

Edited by Sharp Spark and Cola.

Executive Produced by: Skeeter The Lurker

Chapters (5)

You are a human, Anonymous, that has lived in Equestria for two years. After a Hearth's Warming Eve spent together, Anonymous goes through a revolutionary phase when he realizes that Rainbow Dash, his closest friend in this world, has been harboring feelings for him that he never even noticed. How did he never notice? Why him, and not a stallion? Is he some kind of xenophiliac deep down?

Rated for language, along with various sexual-themed exploits. But no sex. Because sex with pastel-colored horses shouldn't be posted on websites that are meant to be browsed by anyone who can click a check box on a dropdown list used by anyone browsing a website. Or at least made to be more secure than that. Because really, who would want to read something like that?

This story has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit the prose-reading mind.

Audioplay (Complete!)

Links to Commando Pony's reading:
Chapters 1-4
Chapters 5-8

UPDATE! The original version of this story was recently added to the /mlp/ collaboration of "Tales To Fap Too - Volume #3". You can purchase the paperback version here (all proceeds go to charity):
Link to paperback version
Again, it is the unedited version, so you'll be reading it in full 4chan greentext format. Also, you'll get spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

Chapters (12)

(Just a quick note - the first few chapters do need re-writing. They were my first works in August 2012)

You know the saying 'Good things come to those who wait'.

Owen, from England, is just about to find out if that's true or not. Besides, he's waited long enough.

A Human x Luna story. This is based in a world where MLP is not known.

Highest Featured Box Position - 8th - 29th May 2013

Chapters (63)

Audiobook/Readalong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIljqBNLhtg. Very professional and well made. Voices for each character, sound effects, and background music. Highly Recommended.

After being touched by the great story My Little Dashie written by ROBCakeran53, I wanted to give the story an ending, something that would bring closure to all. Rainbow has finally returned back to the lands of Equestria, but things did not go as well as the ponies were hoping. Meanwhile, Dad is having a brash confrontation with magic and other-worldly situations.

UPDATE: EpicBG has decided to continue on with my continuation (lol), but in his story, my Epilogue never happened, so go into his story knowing that. His is about the adventures of Dad and Dashie in Equestria, go check it out, its quite good. Here is the Link!

Chapters (16)

Ace has snapped, and now Doctor Robo terrorises Equestria in his bid to reform the world in his own image. Meanwhile, sinister forces are working behind the scenes and taking advantage of the chaos. What will become of Geo and Twilight, and all that they hold dear?


This story was once known as Part Seven of the canon Geoverse, but it was declared non-canon due to a lack of updates — as well as being requested by some readers.

Co-written with Crimson Star.

Rated Teen for language and violence (in later chapters).

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Geoverse Part Two: To Love Is Human

Geo has finally made it back to Equestria and married Twilight Sparkle. But as they prepare to enjoy their new life together, he learns something that makes him question his friendships. When a threat arrives in Equestria, he soon realises that even though someone doesn't act like a friend, it doesn't mean that they're not.


Cover Art by Anoymousperson123.

Part Three of the Geoverse.

Comments contain spoilers.

Rated Teen for sexual references, swearing and violence.

It is recommended that you read To Observe Is Science! by Crimson Star, as things happen there that will be referenced to in this story, and you might not get them.

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to Geoverse Prologue: The Last Of His Kind

Now available as a book!

While walking home from work one night, I was nearly killed by a careless driver; when I complained to him, I ended up getting more than I bargained for. After waking up in a strange new place, I found myself in the company of some unique individiuals — all of whom were ponies.

I soon found my counterpart in one of them, and love blossomed.

But Fate is a fickle mistress...


Part One of the Geoverse. This story has gone through several rewrites since it was first published. The original version is now available as a book.

Cover Art by Anoymousperson123.

Comments contain spoilers.

Rated Teen for violence, swearing and sexual themes (the actual sex is written as a seperate story).

Chapters (15)

When your life is as dull a gray as the world that surrounds you, the mundanities can make it all seem meaningless. Sometimes all we need is a little color -- or six -- to reintroduce us to what truly makes life worth living.

*6-16-2017 Edit, added Rainbow Dash tag because it triggered knighty.*

Chapters (1)

With the events of the Molestia Night behind them, Luna's mind wanders around the topic. It is only a couple days later that she remembers some very crucial details about her stay on the moon. With the night young once more and her passion heavy, she seeks answers to the questions that her older sister brought up, as well as to her own. The way she does it, however, turns out to be very... Naaaaughtyyyyy...

-The events that take place in this story kick off directly after the events in the Epilogue of Princess Molestia.

Chapters (10)

Frosty Mug runs the premiere (and only) watering hole in Ponyville. He's been behind the pine for years, and listened to many a sob story, and joyous announcement. Enjoy his recollections of a rather strange week in which he served a different Element of Harmony every day, and a pony he would have never thought he'd have the honor of getting drunk. These are the memoirs of a Ponyville booze vendor.

Now with bonus drinks! Consider it 'Happy Hour'!

Warning: Shipping is mentioned.

Chapters (10)