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A freak lightning storm, strange lights, and an unassuming, yet mysterious stone obelisk. What do these things have to do with an average college student from North Tonawanda? At first, nothing. But when nineteen year-old Connor lets his curiosity get the better of him and lands in the center of a cosmic coincidence, he probably should have left well enough alone.

Now he finds himself stranded in an impossible world where magic is real, and "normal" takes on a whole new meaning. A world populated by sentient creatures calling themselves "ponies." A stranger in a strange land, Connor's yearning for answers and a way back to Earth will try both his patience and his sanity in the days following his arrival, even with the support of his new equine friends. But as he witnesses his life slowly spiral out of control, he will call into question his definition of home, humanity, destiny, and what it means to truly belong.


Rated Teen just in case for occasional swearing. This story takes place shortly after the end of Season 2, and the main character is from an Earth where MLP never existed (in order to preserve proper characterization). Or just assume he's never heard of it, that works too.

The title is not an Evangelion reference, I was just inspired by the wording scheme.

Chapters (23)

This story is going to go through the process of a rewrite to keep canon with Season 4.

A young human boy of age seven is sent to Equestria by his loving parents in an attempt to save him from the end of the world. He is found by the Royal Pony Sisters and they bring him to Equestria to fulfill his parents' wish.

This takes place after Season 3 and is set in the Past Sins universe.

Edit: Changed a few of character tags.

Cover Art by PonnyGirl

Chapters (47)

When a six year old human boy is transported to Equestria by accident, he will need a home. Everyone needs shelter, protection and love to live a happy life, but who could love a predator from another world? Luckily for young Chris, somepony steps up to the plate.

Cover art by akumamattata Deviant Art
Re-imagined by Hunterhd1
Edited by Dream Seeker
Read by Leonexus Random

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Following his tumultuous defeat, King Sombra is flung across space and time to exit out a human's malfunctioning toaster. For weeks, Sombra monologues his revenge to destroy those that hurt him. But seven months later, when a route back to Equestria is found, does he not seem all that interested in returning.

Edited by spigo.

Prequel: The Roommate From Tartarus
Side Sequel: (Not My) Home Sweet Home

Update: labelled as complete. The last three chapters will remain as bonus chapters.

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