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A human falls into a strange, underground land full of monsters, mayhem, and intrigue. Along the way, they find themselves faced with a choice: Befriend their foes, or eliminate all.

Dying is not an option.

[A parody of Undertale by Toby Fox, set in the MLP universe.]

Featured 11/9/2017!

Chapters (7)

There was more to Rain Shine than anyone can believe. Not even her closest knew of what she’s done in the past. The Curse of Silence she forced upon her people was only one of the bad choices she’s made in her life. But she’s too terrified of herself to reveal what she’s done and let go of the past. She’s even too scared to go Nirik. But why? What has she done to have all of this weight on her shoulders? No one may know... That is, until a certain blue ram comes into her life.
What will happen when the Demon of Tambelon is forced to stay with the Kirin Tribe? Will the Queen of Silence be able to see through the beast and find his broken heart? Or is she meant to fall deeper into the Lake of Misery along with the Father of Monsters?


Contains: Canon Divergence, Slow Burn, Elements of ASPD, Mentions of Blood, Gore, and Trauma

Cover Art made by Rockformed

Edit (5/21/20): Making some fixes and trying to get down the full story.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to The Disney Chronicles II: Pinocchio

The ponies of Equestria are organizing a concert in Canterlot. While Octavia is brainstorming with Twilight, the book, once more, summoned our Equestrian heroes for another adventure. This time they will be sent to a special place that connects to worlds that are created by classical music. Worlds that contain massive dinosaurs, a mouse who wants to be a great sorcerer and a terrifying monster with great control over the darkness.

Chapters (13)

Grogar's ancient machinations finally come together as he leads the Legion of Doom against Canterlot. Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow want to rule for themselves, however, and intend to betray him as soon as it's convenient. Can Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash save Equestria?

Other significant characters: Spike, Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Trixie, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Student/Young Six. Spoiler characters: Windigos, Mean Twilight Sparkle, King Sombra.

Author's note: I decided to rewrite episodes S9E24 and S9E25 as if Grogar were real and the finale were a four-parter. This story takes everything up to and including S9E23 as canon, and took inspiration from a huge variety of sources, including the finale trailer (though it does not strictly hold canon to the trailer).

I give my deep, heartfelt thanks my kind editors and prereaders, as well as the lovely anons on /mlp/ where I've been posting the first draft. My deepest thanks of all go to triq267, who's been helping me at every stage of the story with ideas and advice.

Featured 1/6/2020, and again 1/14/2020, 8/3/2020, 9/17/2020, and 1/3/2021! Thank you guys!

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** PLEASE NOTE: This is an extended-universe MLP story, which means it will primarily involve the races outside of Equestria for the most part. Most of this is post-movie headcanon, so, proceed with caution. **

A feud is taking place beyond Equestria, to the southernmost part of the world, where three countries have been in racially-induced troubles for the past few decades. Unfortunately for them, there is an ancient evil of unspeakable proportions that has been sleeping within their soil since ancient times, and it is threatening to surface and show its face at long last, destroying the surrounding areas in the process. However, there is a prophecy passed down through generations; through an ancient artifact of great power. And when an unknowing cult revives the Storm King, the wheels are set in motion.

Seven souls will embark on a long, incredible journey to thwart the ancient evil and send it back down to where it belongs once and for all.

And the combined power of three champions will save the day.

...But first, the newly-revived Storm King must go head-to-head with his demons, literal and figurative, of the past and present.

And that is not going to be an easy task.

Chapters (15)

For most of his life, Godzilla has been feared, hated, and alone. There was hardly ever a time where the kaiju knew of peace. And now, with his son dead, his body melting, and death stalking closer by the second, it would seem he never would.

But fate has a different plan for the King of Monsters.

Thanks to the help from an unexpected source, Godzilla awakens to find himself alive, his body changed, and that he is in a strange new land... full of talking ponies. It looks peaceful enough, but soon, the kaiju learns that finding contentment here may not be that easy.

On the upside, he won't be alone.

Proofread (Chapter 4 and up) by: HydraLightning

Cover art by Shrekzilla

Chapters (5)