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What if Twilight and Trixie were both zeppelins who were in love? At last this age-old question has been answered!

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What if Rainbow Dash had been present when Discord gave the Mane Cast their first shot at him? How could things have gone different? How could this have changed things?How could this have changed Twilight?

Update Schedule Below the Break.
Now with the super editor FredMSloniker!
Now with a wonderful cover image by Conicer!
Also - Awesome Fanart - http://nyuuchandiannepie.deviantart.com/art/Discolight-273099814

Update Plans
December 11 - Edited versions of first four chapters
December 14 - Chapter 5
Future updates at least 1 time per week.
Total Planned Chapters - 12

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After decades of conflict, the three pony races have finally united in a new nation: Equestria! Earth ponies Pinkie Pie and Minty decide this is a great opportunity to visit Unicornia and the fabled “Summer Sun Celebration” where the unicorn mages raise the sun for the longest day of the year. Along the way, however, a strange weather phenomenon hurls them (along with their new pegasus friend, Star Catcher) into an unfamiliar landscape. They come to a wondrous city called Canterlot, ruled by a pair of mysterious princesses.

(No time lords were harmed in the making of this temporal paradox.)

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