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Rainbow Dash spends time with her family looking back over a long and happy life as it draws to an end.

A bittersweet epitaph to the most awesome flyer of her day.

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Everyone knows Pinkie Pie and her love of smiles. But why is she so eager to smile? Why is a smile her most valued possession?

For a person to truly value a smile, there has to be an event, a catalyst that makes them value happiness above all else.

For Pinkie Pie, that event was Sunshine; the sick Pegasus.

Edited by Fernin.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Things seem to be falling through the cracks lately. Spike thinks I should go see the doctor, but...

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This story is a sequel to First

A call for help from an old friend takes Rainbow Dash to a place she'd rather have out of her life, but her business there isn't finished. In a town on the far northern border of Equestria, she'll have to discover how to resolve and close a painful chapter of her past for good by confronting once again what she left there five years ago during a brutal conflict that exacted a haunting toll on her... And an even bigger one on somepony that she loved.

This is the sequel to my previous story, First. The continuity isn't really too heavy, so you can probably get away with not reading "First" before reading this. A few references may make more sense if you do, but it won't break the story if you choose not to. Your call, really.

UPDATE: Another prequel to this, Born in Equestria, is now available, too.

Chapters (5)

When Rainbow Dash makes a startling revelation to Twilight Sparkle, it sparks a serious discussion about painful events in the past, what the future holds, and self-realization and the nature of destiny.

Featured on Equestria Daily on December 14, 2011!

"Equal parts heart-wrenching and beautiful. The author has managed to portray Dash in a way I never thought possible."
- EQD Pre-reader #R107

UPDATE: The final edition is written and published as of October 12, 2015!

The sequel to this story, Scent of Roses, is now complete!

The other sequel (although chronologically a prequel, technically), Born in Equestria, is also now finished.

Chapters (2)

Princess Twilight has found a way to summon Daring Do from the pages of one of her own books! This seems like a wonderful thing, but there's something wrong. Daring has opinions. She's thinking independently. She's self aware, and she doesn't want to disappear.

Daring Do is alive. That wasn't supposed to happen, and it complicates things. As Twilight heads off to engage her royal peers in an ethical debate over this issue, Daring is left to her own devices, wondering whether she'll even be allowed to live.

Cover art courtesy of Miz-Jynx!

Now featured by The Royal Guard. Feel the awesomeness!

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When Pinkamena was a filly, a Sonic Rainboom knocked her in a deep coma; one that doctors came to believe she would never emerge from.

To her, though, the event made her believe that her purpose in life was to spread joy. She no longer lived the dull, boring existence of the rock farm. She was the happiest pony in Equestria where everypony was her friend.

But now as she miraculously wakes up from this trance, she is hit with the cold reality.

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"Is anypony out there? Please, my name is Trixie! I need help! I think... I saw a cockatrice. I can't move, I can't see. Please, somepony, anypony.... Help me."

Laid low by circumstances beyond control, trapped in a cruel and unrelenting prison of flesh made stone, can anypony hold out hope to see the day once more? When their life rests in the hooves of one whom they tried to humiliate and belittle, can they trust in them and make it right? When they can only see through the eyes of another pony, when only one other can hear them, can they stay sane? When the only chance for their freedom is a fool's hope made incarnate, the impossible made improbable, can they beat the odds? Trixie is going to find out.

Pride can lay one low. Stubbornness can leave somepony friendless. Anger and Sorrow can turn others away. And yet, they can give strength. And Hope, in the darkest hours.

If you're afraid of Dark tones, or find them distasteful, or can get stabbed easily in the feels, I suggest reading on only with caution. This is not a happy tale.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Like Shattered Glass

When you take the blame, you'll take the pain. Scootaloo took the blame.

Rated for scenes of abuse and mild language.


UPDATED 12/22/2014.

Chapters (12)

Twilight Sparkle wasn't a pony who adapted to change easily. Was that the reason that, now that her home had been destroyed, she was having trouble sleeping? Was it the hard, unfamiliar bed? The harsh shadows of the castle walls?
Or was it something deeper? Something darker?
As she wanders through the moonlit streets of Ponyville, Twilight is paid a visit by another troubled soul. Perhaps together they can find some solace in the aftermath.

Art commissioned by the lovely and talented Northern Cross. Find more of her work here.
Editing service provided by Imperial Bedlam, to whom I am eternally grateful.
Special thanks to Jack and Lynn Keefe for prereading.

Ta-dah! No more shipping! Should never have included it in the first place, to be honest.

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