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A promising member of the royal guard, and recently, Princess Luna's aide, was helping his two Canterlot Princesses with a personal favor involving their old home in the Everfree Forest. After a rather weird encounter with an unknown being, the royal guard codename 'Aero' discovers that he is now alone in the forest.

Later on, he also realizes that something very strange is going on.

Especially with the mares.

Set during Season 6, after "The Crystalling" Part 2 (from Aero's perspective).
RGRE [Reversed gender roles Equestria] (From Chapter 2 onwards)

Cover Art by Riouku.

EDIT: Featured 01-12-2021. (That was really fast, to be honest. Thank you guys.)
EDIT2: 01-20-2021 (Once again, that was fast. It was brief but I saw it)
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This story is a sequel to Repercussions

Page has some problems. Some are large with larger teeth. Some have sharp claws. Some have wings. Most are ponies. Sometimes being an alicorn is simply not worth the perks of the job, no matter how nice.

The village of Nocturnis has grown slightly and is still growing, built into the southern jungles and forming the core of the rare thestral tribe.

However, forming a new town is not without its own dangers or troubles. Especially if built in a difficult location. But it’s not always the wildlife that’s the most troublesome.

Cover image by Sipioc
Betaed by Arratra

Chapters (65)

In Ponyville, a new and unusual resident moved into town. He went on adventures, made friends, met the love of his life, had children, and lived happily ever after for many years.

This isn't his story, but the story of his firstborn.

Anonymous Junior isn't like most ponies. Her teeth are sharp, her gaze is unnerving, and her gait is predatory. The hot blood of humanity, the blood of her sire, pumps through her veins, and it's apparent to all who look. Even when empowered by such passion, the life of a young filly is still one filled with trials and tribulations.

A re-imagining of Anon Filly as the biological daughter of Anonymous.
A Second-Person story starring You as Anonymous Junior
Takes place in the Reversed Gender Role Equesria AU
Makes use of OCs that I do not own. They belong to their respective creators and my depictions should not be considered accurate.

Chapters (4)

When I woke up this morning, I was expecting to curse at the sun for ruining my rest. Instead, the sun is cursing back at me for taking its place.

On the plus side, neither of us are okay with this turn of events.

Featured on March 18th, 2021.
(Teen for language)

Chapters (1)

Join Angelo, Willow, Timmy, Gabriel, Odin, and Olivia as they live a second chance for life.

As the pets of the mane six!?

With a sassy (or rather angsty) hispanic rabbit as their leader, will these animals ever get used to their new life?

And if so, what sort of adventures are right around the corner? Read the story and find out!

Chapters (4)

In her successful attempt to stop Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer ends up in the universe of The Batman. Now, with the help of her mentor Zatanna Zatara and two best friends—Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley—she has to figure out her place in a brand new world.

Currently being written by Ackbarfan5556 and Produced/Developed by yours truly.

My personal thanks go to Pen Stroke and Burraku_Pansa for helping me bounce this idea around and suffering through my naming process.

Chapters (37)

Earth - 1995

Mission - Protect John Connor from T-1000 sent from future.

Status - Incomplete

Reactivating systems - damage detected.

Current objective - Terminate T-1000 - Accepted.

Equestria - almost one thousand years since Nightmare Moon's Banishment.

Princess Celestia, the ruler of sun and Equestria just recived a latter from her student regarding an long forgotten prophecy concerning the "Mare in the Moon" and is pondering how to reply. She knows she cant reply that she knows and needs her to go to Ponyville, a town near Everfree forest where she planted the Elements of Harmony in old castle where she used to live with her sister.

After she answered her student to "Stop reading those old books" , she looked towards the moon night before the Summer Sun celebration and wondered for those few moments.

I hope Luna that you are still there, under that false mask of nightmare.

She didnt know how somone will make sure of it. Somone who is made to wear a mask.

Hey there, Wreck here! I dont own MLP:FIM - Property of Hasbro or Terminator: Jugment Day - Property of James Cameron.

Other than that please enjoy, give tips / opinions / suggestions / criticism and any other personal thoughts.

BE AWARE - certain tags are late to be updated and I'm notifying if any of chapters have "red" tags, and you are allowed to skip said scenes to moment I marked in author notes.

(Cover art is FINNALY HERE)
(Editor spot is taken)

Chapters (10)

Note: This fic is best read like nursing your drink - Don't rush it. Enjoy each flavor for what it is. Don't mix it all up by reading it one chapter after the other in one sitting. It's intended to (mostly) work in a way that each chapter can be read without having to tackle through the rest of the story. (Also, for the last time, the concept for this is NOT based on Restaurant to Another World or any anime.)
You can visit the official Group HERE

Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a bar. It's small—the kind-of a hole-in-the wall place which you might find open late at night while walking down the streets of Canterlot City in the 1920's.

But unlike most bars, this one is not actually there… or rather, not where you think it is.

The entrance to Sunset's Isekai will be found in passing; an archway made of stone, emerging from a wall that you could have sworn had nothing there before, and in fact seems impossible to actually lead anywhere.

There, a door of solid oak—lovingly worked and stained to look almost golden-red—with a thick, crystal version of Sunset's cutie mark at eye level awaits visitors under the soft light of a gas lamp.

This door opens to all worlds, and can only be found by those that need that drink to be just the right type of different.

Year 1 Cover Art by Dalorance
Gwen and Freya having a conversation

Chapters (77)

Chapter 8/9 Rewrite - Not Started | I'll get working whenever I can... Probably... At the very least I'll come back after I've finished the story.
Chapter 28 - 82.55% | Barely started.

Brother, sister, mother, father... What is a family? Are they just relatives? The people whom take care of you? Or, are they the ones you love most for just being whom they are? What will happen when brother and sister find themselves alone in Equestria?

What are they to you, when that's all you have when you're alone? What will happen, when it's broken and tossed into the depths of the unknown?

Will they fall apart piece by piece, in the mysteries and uncertainty known as Equestria? Or, will it thrive, and rebuild itself, starting anew, becoming stronger and better?

Err... Welcome to my 1st story. Since this is my 1st, any helpful criticism would help out.

Tags will be added as needed whenever it becomes relevant in the story. Some of them might not immediately be relevant to the latest chapter, but they will come later on. It might be a while since I plan on hopefully uploading weekly, but it might not be perfect.

Editor - Faded Echos
Yes, I know, I actually got an editor, a shock it truly is:duck:
It only took 25 chapters.

And also thanks to Commander Joe, for advice and thoughts on the story, as well as some beta reading. These things help more than you know!

Chapters (30)

'What d'you mean, 'roses are red'?' Twilight’s two closest confidants, Starlight and Spike, help her realise that there are some things she can never comprehend, some things she will never see, and some things she must learn to live with - but her reaction is not what they expect.

Author's Note: This story was featured on the 18th to the 21st of December 2020! :yay:

Chapters (1)