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Join Spike Cynder as he starts high school in a new city. At Canterlot high he'll make friends, rivals, and have all sort of fun and adventures with seven new friends.

*Takes Place in an Alternate version of the Equestria Girls setting*

*Twilight has no pet dog named Spike*

*Rainbooms don't have magical powers*

*No rogue Equestrian Magic or banished magical beings*

Chapters (10)

After being neglected and overlooked too much, Spike decides he needs a friend of his own that has nothing to do with Twilight or the rest of the girls. Seeing as how he knows every pony in Ponyville he decides the next best thing. Build a friend. With a robot friend and the girls realizing how much they hurt Spike can they make it up to the dragon before he decides that his robot is the only friend he needs.

Takes place following the events of season 7 and the MLP movie, but before season 8 begins.

Chapters (11)

Time changes us all, and Twilight and her friends are no exception. They have been through many trials and troubles in their day, but they've also grown, become more than what they used to be. But even with all the momentous things that have happened, there's always time to pause, to reflect, and to look back on the lives they've led.

Chapters (1)

During the course of a sleepover at Ponyville Castle, it is revealed that neither Twilight nor any of her friends have ever kissed a stallion. Things quickly get competitive, and soon Spike, the only male within striking distance, is forced to run for his life.

EDIT: WOW! Already featured only a few hours after publishing 6/20/17! Thank you all!

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A new pony has arrived in Ponyville on the day of Summer Sun Celebration. Who is he? He's nice but when the residents of the town learn more about him, even more unanswered questions seem to pop up.
Can anypony figure out this mystery?
Probably when they actually ask the right question.
Are they going to?
Will he interfere with events?
We'll see.

This is just an idea I had and wrote by hand (later edited onto a computer) in a matter of a few hours. I have no delusions that this is a perfect story. Just some fun I had when writing out ideas. For the most part it will focus on different ponies crossing paths with him as the series goes on and not directly follow him. This IS technically a Human in Equestria story but by no means is he ordinary, both in body and mind as you will notice in the first chapter. He WILL be unrealistic, so please no comments about him not reacting to the situation like a normal person.
As for the back story of the character, I had originally included it but at second glance, I felt it would be better for both people inside and outside of the story to figure it out.
The amazing artwork was done by Mix-up. You can check out his other artworks on his Deviant Art page.

Chapters (17)

Now with an audio reading by AJ the Autistic Pony and friends!

Chapters ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, and SEVEN available now!

Applejack and the Apple family are prepared for a visit from their best-kept secret—Applejack's autistic younger brother, Calvados. "Cal" comes home from a special school in Fillydelphia, and during his visit, the Mane 6 must try to make him feel welcome in spite of his differences. With the Apple family's usual work and an upcoming celebration making the whole town busy, this will soon prove to be a difficult test of friendship and teamwork.

But not nearly as difficult for anypony as for Applejack.

Above all else, the Apple family makes time for, and takes pride in, family. Applejack struggles to keep this in mind, reminding herself that her decisions were for his benefit. However, even a pony as morally strong as Applejack can't keep hiding her guilt, and she resolves to fight back the shame of having a brother with autism. Meanwhile, Cal struggles to adjust to his stay in Ponyville, but if he can avoid the panic and stress—something no autistic colt can take lightly—AJ's little brother may just surprise her. And himself.

Gorgeous cover art courtesy of the amazing _Vidz_!

Chapters (12)


After an massive space battle, Banner finds himself in a colorful land. A land where he doesn't need to be angry. Will he finally find a world where he has no need for rage? Or is the Hulk's wrath absolute?

Hulk will be Hulk, but Banner will be a lot more relaxed and in control of his rage. For a while.

Chapters (29)

This story is a sequel to MLP Adventures: Vacation With The Princesses

Starswirl the Bearded's journal is by far the most sought after item in Equestrian history. For centuries, pony after pony have failed to find it's location.....until now. After translating a map written by Starswirl himself, Spike and Blueblood make plans to seek out this journal. Twilight finds out and decides to go with them, although Blueblood is reluctant.

Little do they know, they're not the only ones on this trip.

Chapters (4)

The Wolverine finds himself teleported to Equestria. He has no recollection of how he ended up there–in a world inhabited by miniature horses, or as they so eloquently call themselves: Ponies. He seeks to find his way home, but in the meantime he must deal with a culture that is innocent to the eyes of death. And in turn, they will come to learn who he truly is.

This story will take elements from both the comics and the movies. (X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be excluded).

I hope you like it!

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed and encouraged!

Chapters (6)

Spike heads out to ask Rarity to go to the carnival with him as good friends. As usual, things don't go they way he hoped. And not in a bad way.

Sometimes things can turn into something better, for reasons only another knows.

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