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One's a master of chaos, the other's a master of voodoo.

When Discord, the embodiment of disharmony and chaos breaks free from his stone prison. He finds out things haven't gone according to his plan.

With his chaotic powers near useless, he comes up with a plan that will help him achieve his goals. Bring some help in.

It pays to have friends on the other side...

Crossover with Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog'

Inspired by this blog post from the awesome tumblr 'Discorderly Conduct', go check it out!

Thanks to my pre-readers, 'Berry Punch' and 'Draconian Soul'. And thank you to my editor, 'Vexy'. Go check their stuff out!

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An alternate ending to the evil ending to Kiss of the Dark by Soothing Stone. King Sombra survived the attack from princesses and fled his castle with the Queen of Shadows, his wife Twilight Sparkle. This is the story of how they rebuild their empire and overthrow Celestia and Luna.

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Luna helped Celestia turn Discord to stone before she became Nightmare Moon. It's a fact laid out plain as day. But when Luna got banished to the moon, she found herself alone in a dark void. Well, almost alone. The only other creature? A draconequus named Discord...

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"I hate him, so why in the name of apple seeds itself am I blushing?"

A sort-of-spin-off sequel to An Apple A Day from Craine. Its not related to the story but at the same time it is. I just sorta wanted to try writing again... Which I shouldn't be doing as I will never be the author he is. But without further ado, enjoy.

Edit: Fixed up some error's that were seen and fixed up the names. Sorry about that.
Edit Two: I-I can't believe it but, it happened. I got on the featured tab. I'm... Going to cry.
Featured Tab proof - 5/27/14
Edit Three: A Small Animation Tribute to Ch. 3

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Often called a psychotic, meth dealing hillbilly with a habit of untamed violence and murder sprees, Trevor Philips is someone that no one wants to mess with. The body pile he leaves behind and then sets on fire just for the heck of it proves that. But after a particularly deadly drug deal gone wrong, Trevor finds himself in a place even his disturbed mind has difficulty comprehending.

The feeling is mutual for the ponies.

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Featured on 13/09/2013 THANK YOU ALL!!!

"You either die a Hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the Villain."

Jasper William Montgomery, he just turned twenty and is absolutely bored with life. He's not suicidal, depressed, or a drug user with a penchant for drinking, he's just bored. Everything one can do in life, parties, going clubbing, video games, even computers don't really appeal to him. One thing that keeps him sane is watching shows from his youth and the occasional entertaining film. Due to a friends attempt to make him feel better he ends up watching all three seasons of My Little Pony and pretty much laughs at the fictional world. Being labeled a cynic and pretty much given up on by his friends, Jasper is alone. Until he's teleported away to Equestria by an observing Celestia.

TVTropes- http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/Villainous

(Cover image courtesy of UsagiFriday, thank you!)

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Discord is now reformed but the Mane Six never needed to lift a hoof after their first confrontation with him so what made him change and, more importantly, why is he roaming free around Equestria at night when no one's awake?

That's right this is the story to what it was that caused Discord to change without the need of the Mane Six...well at least without ALL six of them ready to turn him to stone with the Elements of Harmony.

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It had been nearly a year since you won that labor lottery. This job had quickly turned into the best thing that has ever happened to you and your family. From the Grestin checkpoint, you had seen it all; terrorist attacks, long-seperated lovers getting back together, people trying to smuggle drugs into the country...
None of that compares to the day a portal opens to an alternate dimension just outside the walls.
Which is bad, because inevitably that means more papers for you to check and double check.
But still, a job's a job. Might as well keep a straight face about it...
And remember:
Glory to Arstotzka.

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After being ambushed by the Fiendish Dr. Wu, this cool black cat and his crew wake up in you know where. Needless to say, his way of accomplishing things sends some shockwaves through the land and it's inhabitants. But when a new, unseen threat comes upon Equestria, he may be the only one who can help.

This is gonna be one helluva fight,
So grab onto your seats and hang on tight!

Though prior knowledge of the film/series isn't required, but you're probably going to miss a good number of the references. Read at your own risk (and if you do, no, i'm not racist.)

Rated Teen for harsh language, some gore, and sex references.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro.

Black Dynamite film written by Michael Jai White and Byron Minns
Studio-ARS Nova,
Distribution-Apparition, Destination Films, Icon Entertainment International, Roadshow Entertainment
Black Dynamite T.V. series produced by Ars Nova Entertainment and Titmouse, Inc.

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Hey there. Name's Discord. I'm the janitor at a high school. I clean up after bratty teenagers and the odd drama queen or two that turns into a demon and wrecks up the school. Ain't my job grand?

Birthday gift to my bro Skeeter The Lurker, a really rad dude everyone should check out!

Awesome art from the greatly talented ManiacPaint, who you should definitely check out for more good art!

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