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Running across Equestria, a vast network of pipes transfers soup from the mines out West to hungry ponies on the East Coast. Few ponies sitting down to a bowl of fresh cazuela ever think about the soup pipeline.

For Langy, it’s her job. It’s her life.

The soup must flow.

Chapters (1)

Liuetenant Marewell, newly transferred to the Ponyville Police Department, battles ever-encroaching boredom and alcoholism with each day in her new home. Despite the town's reputation, little in the way of crime happens within the hamlet. Marewell can't complain, though she still does.

However, a new case soon arrives in the form of a break-in to Miss Hoofson's Antique Shop. The clerk lies on the floor in a trance, and a display case sits empty. Throw in a nosy princess and promises of death, and Marewell soon finds herself in the thrall of a case much bigger than she is.

Takes place a few years after Season 9.

Written for the Season 10 Bingo Contest.

Edited by EverfreePony.

Chapters (7)

Fiddlesticks and Lightning Dust explore a ruined Manehattan.

About Mapping Manehattan:

Mapping Manehattan is a side project I picked up to challenge myself while I work on other projects. Mapping Manehattan is written with the following parameters: each chapter must be exactly five hundred words, there is no spoken dialogue, and everything is written in present tense.

The concept itself is fairly simple: Fiddle and Lightning explore a post apocalyptic Manehattan. Their journey takes them through the ruined buildings and abandoned city, meeting other survivors and scavenging supplies. The challenge lies on myself to deliver. Where ever they may go, whatever they may do, I hope you enjoy following them.

Updates Mondays and Wednesdays unless otherwise stated.

Submission in GMBlackjack's 'Depth in Innocence' contest. Updated rating from E to T to be safe, meaning that this story no longer qualifies.

Beta read and edited by
And PonyJosiah13

With input from

Smug Anime Girl

Thank you all. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Chapters (35)

When a very important landmark in Ponyville ends up going missing, a unicorn, a pegasus, and a griffon end up being swept up in the chaos.

My entry for the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest

Chapters (1)

So you managed to snag a date with a girl (or boy) of your choice, huh?

This schools got a lot of choices. So let's see how well you do on a date with them.

A 2nd person POV story experience of having a 1 on 1 with selected characters. The format being the proposal, dating experience, then the farewell.

*This is featuring characters from the comment section. Everyone commenting will be able to vote on the next date/chapter being created. So be sure to leave your ideas and feedback if you want to see more of my work on this.*

P.S. Take note that this will be a clean version of relationships depicted. If you want something spicier I need to see the demand for it before I end up creating an arch series to this one.

Chapters (1)

With Hearth’s Warming comes the painful anniversary of the death of Daring Dash, the younger sister of Rainbow Dash. Three years after her death, Rainbow stumbles across a strange interactive adventure novel written by her sister and enlists the help of Twilight Sparkle to bring it to life. What follows is the adventure of a lifetime, as Rainbow comes to realize how little she actually knew about her sister. And maybe, through a crazy tale of magic, monsters, and heroes, she can find some closure as well.

(Rated Teen for brief violence and profanity)

"This story left me emotionally destroyed. It gets a stranglehold on your heart, and never lets go. I was left a sobbing, heart-warmed wreck after reading this, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who happens to look in on this thread. It's quality cannot be overstated. For anyone who checks out these threads, read this story! Review: 11/10, would weep myself into a coma again." - Ninjadeadbeard

"I FREAKING love this story, but at the same time I hate this story. I don't hate it for being bad. Oh no, I hate it because I had to actually control myself from crying more than I did from reading it. " - Nailah

"While The Legend of Daring Do didn't make me cry because I'm an emotionless robot (beep boop), this story is sure to tug the heartstrings of those who enjoy emotional stories, and the fanfic offers an interesting enough character interpretation of Rainbow Dash and Daring Do to be more than serviceable for those looking for a compact, cozy adventure." - Seriff Pilcrow

Written as an entry in the Holiday Contest hosted by No Author Left Behind, where it placed second.

Beta read and edited by the wonderful EverfreePony.

A work heavily inspired by and written as a tribute to the play She Kills Monsters by Qui Nyguen.

Main Characters: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Daring Do.

Secondary Characters: Nurse Redheart, Minuette, Fleetfoot, Braeburn.

Background Characters: Blossomforth, Cloud Kicker, Raindrops, Hoops, Score, Dumb Bell, Dr. Caballeron, Changelings, Applejack, Spike.

Chapters (20)

Button Mash and Snips climb to ALL heights to try and save Snails' relationship with his new marefriend, Honey Bun.

No surprise, hijinks inevitably ensue.

"Though burned, it lives up to being sweet as honey. ❤
~Mew Mew

Chapters (1)

Sweetie Belle, having been chased deep into the Everfree forest. She finds herself in the company of a creature long lost to pony knowledge.

Deep in the Everfree forest, a young fox finds a young female unicorn in need of help.

Two different worlds collide as two creatures who are very different from each other try find a way to co-exist during the time they have together.

Special thanks go to my awesome editor. EverfreePony

Chapters (7)

A drought ravaged Equestria is hit by extreme fires while the pegasi are struck down with severe feather flu. Friends from the far southern lands come to their aid in somewhat unconventional ways.

I will change the rating if requested.

Chapters (1)

When the Crystal Empire was banished, the few crystal ponies who found themselves outside its borders were left behind. Such was the case for Lapis Lazuli and Fluorite. Losing everything would be reason enough to give into despair, but can a mysterious visitor help them find a new way to celebrate Hearth's Warming?

Placed 7th of 23 in the Writeoff event And at the End, You Shall Remain Alone.

Chapters (1)
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