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Luna has some rather strong opinions regarding punishment inside Equestria. These come to a head when Tempest Shadow's fate is to be decided.

My Little Pony: The Movie spoilers

Thanks to Tired Old Man for his input and Nova Quill/Firimil for her input and edits!

Luna vector by speedox12.

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They're everywhere. I can't see them, well I can a little, but they're there. Waiting. Waiting to strike....

Author's Notes: A collaboration with the incredible Flint Sparks.

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When the deposed king of the Diamond Dogs is brought before the court of Celestia, the story he tells is far too much to believe. For if it is true, the Equestrians' conquest of his nation has been a terrible mistake.

* * *

Audiobook by Illya Leonov.
Proofread by GaryOak.
The Goodfic Bin

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Not long after her release back into the general population of Ponyville, Screw Loose vanishes without a trace. During a search of her home one week after she was last seen, a video recording of her apparent final hours is found. A video explaining that she was being hunted by creatures which evaded sight. A video intended as a warning.

A different perspective on "Peripherals" by electreXcessive and Flint Sparks.

Cover art assembled from various screen captures and vectors, mostly from here.

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On a late night back from a bar Boomer enters his dingy apartment with a not too pleased expression. His friend Sleepwalker is perplexed by his attitude and questions his friend's behavior. Boomer is holding something inside that he is terrified for others to see. Sleepwalker is not amused and demands to know what is troubling him.

From a friend to a friend, Boomer will realize that his feelings are not unrecognized. A story between two dorky buds, who are completely unaware of their feelings for each other.

Disclaimer: These characters are not owned or created by me. They belong rightfully to Vindhov Edit on the picture.

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Spike and Starlight became friends the moment life put them in the same castle. As they grew closer over the years, they didn't think anything could break their friendship.

Unfortunately, all it took was one night to throw that belief into chaos. Now, they have to not only work together but battle their own doubts and insecurities to figure out a way to fix the broken bond between them.

Edited by Curify

Artwork by lockerobster

Note: This story deals with some mature themes and may not be comfortable for all readers. Just a heads up.

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This story is a sequel to Jacket

A jacket full of memories and a vaguely familiar feeling within her heart... yet despite these two things pestering her, Delta's been living the past week as best as she can—usually with a quick lay and a stiff drink.

And she's almost forgotten about the stallion that left the jacket at her place and a fond pain in her backside, but after a rough morning and a craving for smokes, she finds something under her bed that brings back memories of him.

The stallion with amber eyes.

Now With Fanfic Reading By Scarlett Blade

Massive thanks to P-Berry and NumberEight for proofreading, and massive thanks to Shinodage for making the cover art for this fic.

This story is based around Shinodage's askblog, Delta Vee's Junkyard. Needless to say, he owns the characters, universe, and so on, I was just given permission to fuck around in it.

I just own the mysterious stallion.

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When Spike and Starlight get invited to a couple's night out with their friends, they agree just for the sake of doing something with their weekend. But they would never get caught up in the hype of romance like their friends have, though. They're way too cool for that, right?


A collaboration with Curify!

Art by Figgot

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With an age-old threat poised to devastate Equestria, the Princesses gather to use a spell left behind by the great Star Swirl the Bearded in order to ensure their victory.

Now all four have become an entirely new being, with her own thoughts and feelings. And in order for the Princesses to return, she will have to die.

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Set only a week after the banishment of Princess Luna to the moon, the realm of Equestria is in a state of upheaval. Celestia's royal guard attempt to regain control over the vast empire once ruled by dual monarchs, and the young alicorn's actions as a ruler have become a subject of scrutiny after her sister's attempted coup. Two factions have risen in the turmoil: The Knights of the Sun and The Bright Moon.

Far away from the political infighting and sword rattling exists a small mining town on the outskirts of Equestrian territory. Where once the royal guard would have no trouble fending off raids from bandits or other criminals, the panic of the capitol has caused a withdrawal of military forces to more essential cities and trading ports. Completely undefended and without a spell or sword amongst them, this town was soon overrun by a band of bi-pedal canines calling themselves the Diamond Dogs. As brutal as they are lazy, the Diamond Dogs have forced the local population to work until collapse to collect gems from the town mine.

Outraged by his inability to fend off these bandits and thieves, a young unicorn named Bone Marrow tries with all of his might to find his purpose in life - his cutie mark - and hopes that it will be enough to drive off the invaders of his home. He will soon discover that his special talent is far more than he bargained for.

((A Sequel will begin for this story as soon as I finish I Am a Pet Changeling. Stay tuned on Discord! https://discord.gg/nDXd3AB ))

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