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Equestria has thrived for millennia, led dutifully by its diarchy. Only the most capable and qualified of ponies can be responsible for such a bountiful legacy.



Cover Art by Jbond92

Proofread by my fantastic friends Rose Quill, Nova Quill, Heartshine Quill, RoMS Quill, Undome Quill, Regi Quill, and Wishcometrue (sadly she lacks a quill)

If you enjoyed this fic and are a fan of Fallout Equestria why not check out it's spiritual sequel, Fallout Equestria is a Very Serious AU. Also check out The Enchanted Library: The Secret Chapters and The Clocktower, three other spin-offs of a similiar vein.

"What the fuck did I just read? And why am I smiling?" - Corejo

"In any case, stories with the diarchs being generally horrible people are a hard sell for me, but this does such a brilliant job of crossing the line twice (or some much, much greater even number of times) that I'm eagerly looking forward to more." - FanOfMostEverything

Chapters (18)

Luna seeks her own place in the world. Her sister is the sun in more ways than one and she's grown tired of always being eclipsed by that light, so she makes a decision. She will go on sabbatical, see the nation she was exiled from, participate in it, and what better place to start than an empire as timelost as herself. But stepping out of the light of the sun can lead to places full of shadows, and not even the Mare of the Moon commands all darkness.

Written for Ice Star
Cover Art by the Illustrious SilverWolf

Chapters (9)

Rarity has had some tough luck at love. Blueblood, Trenderhoof... Now that she's been set up on a blind date by Rainbow Dash, all she hopes for is that it won't end in utter embarrassment.

She didn't account for having already impacted their life in a major way.

Rated Teen for Horse Romance. Coverart by

Chapters (3)

Johannes hasn't come to Equestria to escape his life, just take a break from it, and find himself in the process. A new relationship is the furthest thing from his mind right now.

But life has a way of surprising us, for better and for worse.

Related blog. Please read.
Dedicated to pahňázd and The Cloptimist.
Preread by pahňázd and Some Leech.
Edited by ROBCakeran53 and Admiral Biscuit.
Original art by Evomanaphy.

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash is old and sick to death of being on 'wing rest'. She knows she's got more left to give, and she wants to give the world one last sonic rainboom. No matter what the cost.

TW: suicide mention.

A retrospective look at Rainbow's life, as told by Rainbow as she goes on one last herculean journey. Originally a speedwrite for the 100th contest for Quills and Sofas, now doubled in length and fleshed out more. Special thanks to all the Quills and Sofas members who edited, especially Flashgen.

Chapters (6)

Anon doesn't know how to feel about Chrysalis. Despite how close they have gotten, he doesn't know if it's reasonable to trust a changeling.

Though, through the thick of it, they are still together, fighting for what is there, for what they have. Love, companionship. It's hard to come by, especially if it's genuine. Could a changeling genuinely love someone, despite all their years of manipulation and heart break? Anon wishes to know.

Cover art by bigmoon206. I can't link them, because of their explicit art.

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Phoenix-born rising - the ascension of Sunset Shimmer [1st ed.]

The rite of the phoenix is one of the most celebrated moments among the sun-gazers of Solaria. For with the hatching of a new phoenix, comes the ascension of a new phoenix-born: a mortal chosen by the phoenix to be its new life partner and guardian. Only those with both strength and purity of their inner fire can draw the attention of a hatchling phoenix, so only the best of the best can ever hope to be chosen.

To one young orphan girl named Sunset Shimmer, she could only dream of witnessing the ascent of one of Celestia's chosen. As the day approaches, she learns that she will be able to, as she has been selected by the crown as one of the girls to serve at the event.

Little did she know that this would be the seminal event of her life, and change her fate forever.

Original abridged version was my entry into FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest. This is the expanded, full version.

Cover art by me.

Grammar and editing provided by ArgonMatrix

Chapters (19)

Dusk Shine is tired. He's scarred, battle-hardened, and young, but more than any of those, just tired.

Nopony deserves to suffer through what he has endured, much less at such a young age, but what happens when he finds his place in the canon Equestria? Where sunshines and rainbows are everywhere.

Will this new world heal him or will the striking similarities to his once-happy world break the stallion under the weight of what he's lost?

Read on to find out.

RGRE, will be obvious as each chapter progresses

Edited by Sober. Cool dude, check him out.

Cover art made by Mix-up This guy, is great. Awesome drawings, go check him out.

Chapters (16)

Twilight Sparkle is not a risk-taker. She prefers the same old books in the same old library drinking the same old tea with the same old ponies. And that's okay!
On one fateful night, however, Rainbow Dash drags Twilight out on an adventure! Her very first rave.
It turns out Twilight isn't the only one hiding in a corner at these things.

This fiction was written as part of a challenge to write a fic in 30 days-- one chapter per day, 2k words per chapter (you can learn more about it here!). However, this fiction will still be gaining new chapters and undergoing edits now that the challenge has ended. It currently has many many typos and errors, as it is literally unedited-- no need to point this out to me, I am very aware! New chapters will be marked with an asterisk (*).

The original version is being preserved in Google Docs. I'll likely be posting the links to the original docs in a blog post sometime soon!

Chapters (30)

Sunburst has a secret.

He is deeply and utterly in love with Shining Armor and Princess Cadance.

Though, honestly it's probably best that this stays a secret. Shining is a stud and Princess Cadance the most beautiful mare in Equestria. They're way out of his league and happily married.

It's just a bunch of dumb day dreaming and childish fantasies. They couldn't possibly like him like that.


Proofread by my lovely and utterly fantastic friends Nova Quill and Undome Tinwe .

Cover art was done the fantastic Silfoe, special thanks to her for letting me use it.

"This was a delight to read. Cute and fluffy all the way through.

Also, I appreciate the actual in-character bits and what they did for the story and progression a lot." - Carapace

"I rather enjoyed this one, gar." - Cynewulf

"What is there to say, if you like cute fluffy shipping, then you’ll like this one, and should go read. If you don’t… what’s wrong with you?" - Hopeling's 27/05/2019 Review

"This story was immensely enjoyable, one of the best I've read in quite some time. All the characters were an absolute joy to read, and the chemistry between them was perfect. The only thing that could've made it better is if there was more of it " - Krickis

Chapters (1)
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