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After a shipment of bootleg puppies arrives in Ponyville, only one mare can stop them before they overwhelm the blooming puppy market. By punting them skywards.

It makes sense in context.

Wonderful cover art helpfully MSpainted into existence by WanderingPony!

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Almost a year after what seemed to be the concluding battle in Celestia's great crusade against necromancers, something Mortem believes to be borderline discrimination, he discovers one of Celestia's armies setting up camp just outside his stronghold.

Not wanting to jump to any conclusions or risk angering the very powerful Princess, he concludes a diplomatic solution would be the best way forward. And so, he writes a letter.

Proofread by the wonderful Soren Mercer
Featured on Equestria Daily here
Audiobook versions by Illya Leonov and TheArchitect are here and here respectively
SoundCloud verion of Illya Leonov's is here

Chapters (1)
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