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In a sunburned Equestria, Rarity leads the pleasant life of a clothier in the tiny town of Spurhoof. She’s got a successful business, a capable assistant, and the respect of the place she’s called home for six years. Maybe she never achieved her foalhood dreams of fabulosity, but at least she’s comfortable. What more can a mare ask for?

Then a band of outlaws decide to pay Spurhoof a visit, and their leader’s eye has settled upon Rarity. Soon she’ll have to fight not only for her life, but maybe her very soul. Will her diamond turn dull under the hot Equestrian sun, or will adversity make her shine all the brighter?

Print copies now available for purchase on Lulu!.

Now featured on Equestria Daily.

Inspired by Fallout: Equestria and the song Bulletproof Heart by My Chemical Romance.

Other stories inspired by music:
Ordinary World
Bed of Roses
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Time for Tea

A big thanks to my brainstorming fellow and ever-awesome friend SorenPixels, who has helped me ponder the plans for this story since its inception.

Additional kudos to Danger Beans and Cerulean Voice for their help with the first few chapters.

Big thanks to the fantastic author Viking ZX for taking time out of his busy schedule to be my Alpha pre-reader.

Last but certainly not least, my gratitude to my gang of Beta pre-readers: Babroniedad, Lord-Commander, Merc the Jerk, Snowybee, Soge, and Wanderer D!

I was not prepared for the absolutely stunning world building or the incredibly well done characters. [...] This is a work of absolute art. — Equstarte Marine Sebaste

Reading and re-reading (and re-reading) this story was an amazing experience. It will always be one of my favorites! — Wanderer D

I dare say this is a masterpiece of the fandom. — FanOfMostEverything

It's a gorgeous, vivid-drawn setting you've crafted for this, and it hits its gritty Western beats and epic scope with aplomb. Rarity's character journey in this is a stellar one, and her gradual sink into (and recovery at the brink of) [...] darkness was wonderfully and believably told. — Carabas

Cover art commissioned from the fantastic bakki, with title work generously donated by Novel-Idea.

Chapters (27)

If there was one thing Twilight Sparkle had learned since ascending to alicornhood and becoming a princess, it was that ponies talked. Then, quite suddenly, they were talking about her.

And then they were talking about her love life since she was a single princess, unmarried and approachable.

She was still getting used to that part.

She was especially getting used to talking about it with Sunset.

5/14/2018: Now with cover art designed by the very generous Novel-Idea! Thank you so much!

Chapters (1)

When Princess Celestia comes down with a mysterious illness despite her immortality, her loved ones flock to her side, including Sunset Shimmer. With only so much time left, Sunset takes it upon herself and Twilight to get to the bottom of it. The two of them work together non-stop to find a cure, which would be fine, if Sunset had gotten around to telling any of them she's dating the other world's Twilight.

Edited by the kind and insightful Space Jazz. Cover art designed by the incredibly talented Kiki-Kit and modified by the masterful Amber Spark! Spoilers in the comments.

Chapters (7)

Daring Do is underway in another big tale! The legendary artifact is in her hooves, and her enemies are right on her tail!

But then everything changes. Things are wrong, but... in all the right ways?

What happens when an action hero finds a peaceful rest stop outside their story?

(Season 4, sometime after Daring Don't, Some innuendo humor)
Random Romance - December 2013, FluttershyXDaringDo

Cover art by the talented Novel-Idea using the resources below.

MLP Resource: Unfurled scroll
Resource: open book by dervonnebenaan
Through the looking glass

Chapters (14)

The life of a Wonderbolt is full of cheering crowds and awe-inspiring feats of flight. For Soarin, some of the most critical moments of all, the moments that have shaped and reshaped everything and everyone he holds dear happened away from the crowds and out of the sky. Sometimes the greatest changes wait until after the action is over.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
Cover art designed by Novel Idea
Pre-read by FanOfMostEverything

Part of Mana's Wonderful Wonderbolts Writing Contest

Chapters (7)

Sunset Shimmer lived a perfect life: an aspiring career as Princess Celestia’s star pupil, a budding romance, and the perfect best friend to discover the wonders of the world that made life worth living.  But under the guise of a new friend Sunset met in her dreams, Nightmare Moon sought to upend everything in the name of vengeance, and the powers that be demanded their pound of flesh.

Years later, long after the dust had settled, Sunset found her home beyond the portal. Life was good, if a little strange.  But when Princess Luna comes seeking to quell the nightmares of a past that still haunt her, those nightmares rapidly spiral out of control, and Sunset is faced with the impossible decision of allying herself with the very individual who had destroyed her life.

With little choice, they strike a tentative partnership, and as past and present converge to threaten all that Sunset holds dear, she is left standing at the precarious ledge of a question that may very well have no answer:

Is there a limit to forgiveness?

[Non-con] tag for story elements, not on-page events.
Edited by RBDash47.
Cover art by Ventious.
Chapter header art by Smeows_isgood.

June 23, 2023 update: It's aliiiive! We're back, baby! New chapters will be posted Mondays and Fridays.

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There are good reasons why most unicorns want nothing to do with time magic: it's dangerous. One tiny slip-up could have far-flung consequences no one saw coming, something few understand better than Starlight Glimmer now that she's seen it for herself.

Which is why, after testing a temporal spell of her own creation results in her waking up in her old village with a nasty headache, she sets out to fix her mistake at any cost... only to find that destiny seems to have a different plan in mind for her, and a rather unlikely set of allies.

Cover designed by Novel-Idea!

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Green

Celestia had resigned herself to a life of solitude, and had grown comfortable with that idea. She wasn't interested in sycophants who wanted to dote on her, or in anypony who would wish to marry her for power's sake. But she still yearned for the true love of somepony who loved her for herself, so much so that it's quite literally driven her a little mad.

Luna, after being banished for one thousand years, was merely looking for good friends, and good times with them. But after seeing other possibilities, she begins to think of romance once again, albeit not in the forms that she'd previously thought of as the norm.

Both find love when they least expect it, neither quite know what to do when they find it.

Rated Teen for moments of sensuality, foreplay, and sexual themes. Reader discretion is advised.
Assistance by Karrakaz, Blue_Paladin42, TheGreatEater, Setokaiva
Cover Image by Nova Quill/Firimil, used with permission.
Additional graphical design by Novel-Idea.

Chapters (14)

Princess Celestia has finally decided to introduce her two prized pupils to each other, hoping that together they'll finally start to appreciate the beauty and magic of friendship. Sunset may be proud and brash, and Twilight might be obsessive and oblivious at times, but surely they'll get along fine, right?

They'll go above and beyond that in time, but the road they'll take to get there is a rocky one.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons

Cover art by Novel-Idea
Original Sunset and Twilight image by Sikander-MLP

Featured on September 1, 2017!

Updated 10/27/17: Minor edits to existing chapters; 3 new chapters added (Reconciliation, The Twilight Zone, Sowing Seeds)
Updated 11/27/17: Cover art added!

Chapters (8)

After one night of drunken passion, scientific research, and magic, Sunset and Twilight wake up to discover they built an android. Upon effectively becoming parents, they name their artificial child, Dawn.

But on top of being unprepared for parenthood, Sunset and Twilight learn that Dawn might not be as well put together as they thought.

All magic fades eventually. What happens to Dawn when her spark goes out? While she explores the ups and downs of friendship and love, her mothers struggle with questions of whether or not she's real, and how much are they willing to sacrifice for their artificial daughter?

Concept inspired by Crydius.

Thanks to Amber Spark, Justice3442, and Oroboro .

Chapters (3)