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    Created by Lucky Seven
    - June, 2016
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  • Collabs 5 stories These are the stories I've collaborated with other authors on!


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Sunset Shimmer is coming back to Equestria. Unbeknownst to her, Twilight Sparkle has a new pupil, one that she hopes she'll become fast friends with.

Unfortunately, Starlight and Sunset have a better idea.

A collab with the amazing Flutterpriest. You should definitely go check out his other work, he's amazing!

Take this story seriously at your own risk.

Chapters (1)

She can't pay her taxes and her best friend is an ex convict who tried to destroy the fabric of time.

Trixie needs a fresh start.

There's gotta be worse places to start over than the fast food industry, right?

A collab with Seventh Heaven.
Proofread by MissyTheAngel

Chapters (3)

A collaboration between myself, Tidal and Seventh Heaven

Cheating. It never leads to anything good. Hearts get broken, trust is lost, and lives are ruined. Unfortunately, even the best of relationships are not immune to it.

When it comes to light that Shining Armour has been in a secret affair with Rarity, it leaves Princess Cadence and Spike stunned and badly hurt. Leaning on each other for comfort, the two devise a plan to not only get revenge on the ponies that hurt them, but maybe even heal their broken hearts along the way.

Note: This fic was written during season 4 originally, so that's why Flurry Heart isn't mentioned.

Coverart by: Not Enough Coffee

Inspired by the album Two-Faced Charade by Famous Last Words.

Chapters (13)

It's time for Starlight Glimmer's first Grand Galloping Gala! Unfortunately, she doesn't have a date while all her new friends do.

Well, all her friends, but one...

Collab with: Lucky Seven

Art by: the discorded

Chapters (3)