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When faced with the evils of this world, happiness can give you the foundation to bear it, sadness gives you the wisdom to acknowledge it, and anger gives you the strength to oppose it!

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James Kaughn is a member of the world's most elite fighting force, but when his team is sent in to rescue a captive family in Afghanistan the mission hits a snag. He stays behind to allow the others to escape, fully expecting to die, but ends up in an unfamiliar place. Join him as he meets new challenges and struggles with his worsening PTSD. Will he be able to actually make friends and not just teammates?

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After finding a human lost within the Everfree Forest, and unable to find his owner, Ditzy decides to bring him home as a playmate for Dinky. Shenanigans ensue when Dinky learns that her new friend, Locke, can actually talk! But why can none of the adults seem to be able to hear him? Of course, that little fact won't stop her from having fun with her new friend!

This was written partly on a whim, and partly because Chainlinc3 wanted a side story to Your Human and You. Well, here you go, Chainlinc3, here you go...

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