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a very shy christian girl with a big imagination while having so many AU's crumbling into her brain~

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Given how well her first sleepover had gone, Twilight decides to try it again, this time with all of her friends. Things go well and they're all having fun, but eventually the discussions turn to the subject of romance. Before long, each friend has a story to tell.

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Having spitefully ended her tutelage under Princess Celestia, Sunset Shimmer has fled through a magical mirror to another world. Deprived of her magic, stuck in unfamiliar surroundings and with no clear plan, things look bleak for Sunset and her self-imposed exile. But it seems as though she will not spend her first day in this strange place alone.

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Luna, the protector of the Everfree Forest, was idealistic in her youth, assuming that the strange creatures and the ponies would make peace with each other. She befriended a handsome stallion, but as they grew older, his ambition would change his heart for the worse. When he stole her wings, she transformed into Nightmare Moon, and sought revenge on those outside the Everfree.

The same princess Nightmare Moon had cursed would steal her heart. Would she know what true love was, or would she remain evil forever?

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After losing her sister, Rarity buries herself in her work.

Just as lost, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, armed with a personal Ogres & Oubliette's module, try to help the designer open more than just her boutique.

*An intimate epic written for FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II.
*Loosely inspired by the stage play of the same name by Qui Nguyen.
*Story is complete and awaits judgement.

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Convenience combined with vile cruelness are considered to be sins, yet, desire for some. Pleasure detected in pain for others, yet, simply committed. Not only physical, but attacking emotions, this thirsty and greedy desire.
Is this process caused by a true being's wish, or an unfortunate chemical accident?

Rainbow Dash has always been a lively mare, but she has made the biggest mistake of her life. How will she cope with her fairy tale life being snatched away by....... The stallion she has always loved her whole life?

(Partly inspired by Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

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The guards are scared to say it.

Sunset Shimmer has returned to Canterlot.

And the Princess is furious...

Not in continuity with my other stories. Just something that popped into my head one day.

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Spoilers for the Show Finale. Fair Warning.

For most of her life, Luster Dawn had ignored friendship. After all, it was nothing but a waste of time, right? You'd make friends, spend a lot of time together and eventually it would all fall apart again. It was for the best to stay alone.

That was before Princess Twilight herself showed her real friendship. She and her friends were the living examples of true, everlasting friendship. And sure enough, as they brought Luster to Ponyville, she quickly met new creatures and made friends.

That was all months ago though. By now, she had quit the School of Magic, with the blessing of the Princess, so she could move to Ponyville and attend the School of Friendship instead. After all, the most powerful magic there is was friendship, right? But most importantly, of course, moving to Ponyville meant staying together with her new group of friends, and even attending classes together!

However... there was a catch. Princess Twilight didn't just let her quit the School of Magic and move away, she demanded something in return. She demanded of Luster to come visit her four times a year in Canterlot and tell her of all her new discoveries in the field of friendship.

This was the first time she had to go and report on her experiences, and she wasn't quite sure how it would go.

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Time changes us all, and Twilight and her friends are no exception. They have been through many trials and troubles in their day, but they've also grown, become more than what they used to be. But even with all the momentous things that have happened, there's always time to pause, to reflect, and to look back on the lives they've led.

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Friends acting odd. Hatred. Anger. Heartbreak.

The signs kept coming. Something suspicious was going on.
Weird visions, headaches.

Rainbow Dash doesn't know who she could trust now. Will the six Elements of Harmony remain friends and keep a balanced relationship, or would these cold emotions prevent them from doing so?

The fate of Equestria was on the line, after all.

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War. The dreaded topic in every household in Equestria.
For Rainbow, she has to face it. She's been drafted to fight for the lives of thousands of ponies. Ponies she loves, and ponies she doesn't even know alike.
She's the element of Loyalty. She'll do what she has to.
That doesn't make it any less easy.
For her, for Soarin, for the Wonderbolts, for her friends.
She was once a star. That star... turned into a scar. Is there a way back? Or is there a message, a story, behind that scar, that gives her a way forward?

Big special thanks to Ninjadeadbeard, for prereading, rereading, and friendship!
For two someone specials.

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