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Well this my first time at fimfiction. I'm a brony since i like My little pony friend: Friendship is magic. I hope i can get along here and make new friends. I hope.

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This is a collection of different short stories written by some of the many writers of the Fallout Equestria

Each writter have been given a subject and a random letter to write a story from, and this is their stories for you to enjoy.

Chapters (22)

Three months after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, the cloud city of New Pegas has emerged as one of the great powers in the wastes, a fully independent city run by a mare named Eden and a pre-war computer program named High Horse. The two have successfully driven back the forces vying for control of the great pre-war city and have begun to work towards lasting peace in the region.

However, one day, Eden receives a letter from an unknown sender, pleading for her help in the unexplored Equestrian Northwest. Her quest takes her across the continental divide to the sunken city of Tall Tale, where she finds an impossible mare and a threat that could destroy her fragile peace... as well as everything else in Equestria.

This story takes place in the universe of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria, and thus contains spoilers for the ending of that story.

Chapters (4)

New Vegas is a thriving community in the west. The land around it though is lawless, ripe for the picking by factions that wish to vie for the valuable resources it has. A Dam that can turn the tide of a war. Everyone is going to want the help of one person. Sadly he's dead, and the only replacement is a purple unicorn over her head. Whats a mare to do?

Chapters (2)

It is the year 2090, 13 years after the Great War ravaged the majority of Equestria, as well as most of the known world. Life is tough, and it will be a long while before things get better.

Drastic measures must be taken to ensure survival; but how far is too far? For some of the newly formed communities, this question must be asked time and time again... And going too far could result in disaster.


"It is when Oppression becomes a fact, that Revolution becomes a duty." This statement was made by those freed from tyranny for decades, until they were finally extinguished in the fires of Megaspell warfare. What everypony knows in the back of their heads however, is that tyranny never dies.

And for the crew of the Cirrostratus, A Thunderhead class vessel, this unfortunate truth has become their reality. A nascent Enclave has treated their sailors poorly for far too long, and have forced their mariners to work under inequine conditions and constraints for over a decade now.

With three thousand souls on board vying for freedom and a decent life, it presents a harsh reality. When not just survival, but their hopes and dreams, are put on the line, everypony has a choice to make. This is the story of those ponies, and the choices that circumstance forced them to make.

Special thanks to Quindiesel and Duskhoof for editing and proofreading!

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This is a short story about Lock Love and his first few weeks in the wasteland as a free pony. Days he would never forget.

Chapters (4)

Luna awakens in the aftermath of the great war in a robotic body that she is unfamiliar with. after being shown what has become of Equestria, She resolves to bring back order and save Equestria's people from themselves.

Let's hope there is even anything left to save.

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Ever get that feeling that the world doesn't make sense? Perhaps greater powers than you can comprehend are guiding your actions. Or could it be that the 'rules' of the world don't seem to conform to how things should be. If nothing else, maybe its just that your companions are somehow finding ways to derail the path of fate with you caught along for the ride.

This is a story of the character Amber who tries to survive the shenanigans of her DM, as well as the craziness of her own party!

Chapters (6)

Hi. I'm Fleur Daze, a Canterlot ghoul.

This is the story of the last day of my life, coincidentally the last day of the war with the zebras.

Chapters (4)

When the Gardens of Equestria were activated, many ponies believed the trying times were over and Equestria would become the paradise it had once been within a few short years.

As if the wasteland would give up that easily.

Monsters still roam the wasteland. Apex predators left unchanged from before the war. Mutant horrors born of balefire. Sadistic people whose hearts went black long ago... The Gardens did not kill. They did not reform. The Gardens did the one thing they were designed to do.

The Gardens cleaned up toxic waste everywhere their light could reach. No more, no less.

With radiation all but gone in most of the wasteland, taint entirely eliminated from Equestria's heartland, and much of the old farmland fertile once more, ponies everywhere banded together to take advantage of the world Pip healed... By forming large yet isolated settlements which over time joined one of two nations: The New Canterlot Republic, or the Herd.

These two ideologically opposed nations have clashed for over a decade. Border skirmishes are frequent. Black ops have been preformed by both sides. All out war has nearly broken out several times.

You can take the waste out of the wasteland. It's much harder to take it out of the wastelanders.

It is into this politically charged world that a newcomer arrives. A zebra from a remote northern kingdom, separated from Equestria for these many years by a megaspell induced winter that is at last dying down. A pity she arrives just as the other newcomers are enacting their bid for power.

This story is based on the story Fallout Equestria written by Kkat. It has been written with permission.

Featured on: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7:18 AM UTC :yay:

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Around one hundred and fifty years ago the doors of Stable 36 closed, sealing in the best fliers in Equestria (minus one Rainbow Dash), protecting them from the balefire explosions raining down from above. They live their lives amongst failing equipment with a door that refuses to open despite their desperate need for fresh supplies from Stable-Tec. Now they struggle with their day to day existence in a stable that is slowly but unavoidably reaching it's expiration date.

This is a collection of short slice of life chapters detailing the every day lives of those living in Stable 36. The chapters are self contained, but they do connect to each other.

Fallout Equestria created by kkat.
The only story canon to this fic is the main Fallout Equestria story.

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