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Jim Douglas has a problem. He's suffered, since birth, from a curse that was given to him by his father. He learns of a land, one filled with magic and possibly the means to cure his ailment. That land is Equestria. It is difficult to get there, but under the right conditions it is possible to enter the mystical world of ponies. Once there, Jim learns there are worse things in life to experience than curses.


This story was a random little idea that sprouted over the Halloween holiday. I know it might not be the thing for some readers, but I still felt the need to get it written and put out for anyone interested.

A few spoilers for the curious--> This is a werewolf story. Therefore, the Human tag has been placed as it's kiiind of mandatory for this odd little genre.

As of February 2020 story status is bumped out of Hiatus. I'm going to try to get more writing done, but don't expect chapters too often. :twilightsheepish:

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A high fantasy reimagining of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Long ago, the cruel God of Chaos Discord ruled over the world. The other Gods overthrew him and Sealed him in the deepest Hell of the prison Tartarus, then waged war for his empty throne. The Goddess of the Sun Celestia emerged victorious, then Sealed six more Dark Gods in six more Hells of Tartarus. The remaining Gods ruled over the world’s lands under Celestia, and as High Princess her reign brought an age of peace.

A thousand years after Celestia’s defeat of Nightmare Moon, the Goddess of the Night, the mortal peoples hold the festival of the Summer Sun Celebration to commemorate her victory. However, on the eve of the Celebration a mysterious organization releases Nightmare Moon from her prison. In response, Celestia tasks her young apprentice, the sorceress Twilight Sparkle, with preventing the unsealing of any more Dark Gods. With the aid of her own apprentice and her five strange new friends, Twilight begins her mission to put an end to the return of the seven Sealed Gods- especially Discord, the dreaded Lord of Chaos.

Co-written with Day Breaking Sun. See the former cover art provided by my wonderful and talented friend, SpookyPrincesssa, here: MLP Friend is Magic Human Request.

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Waking up in a mysterious forest ,alone, and confused, young Dante Sumner sprints for his life after being attacked by a pack of strange wolfs. he comes across a small town and quickly realizes this a whole different world and everyone will soon learn the reason for his arrival...

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