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in the wake of a terrible accident claiming Velvet and Night light, Celestia takes in Twilight, Shining, and Spike to raise them alongside Cadence in Canterlot Castle. I present an alternate take on Friendsip is magic where Twilight never leaves Canterlot to go Ponyville, and instead relies on her new family to protect Equestria. I give you, the House of Sun.

Please go easy on me with criticism, I havent written a fic in a looonnggg time. Also Im not quite sure how long this gonna be, I'll at least write up to Nightmare Moon's appearance.

Chapters (63)

Celestia didn't want very much. She was happy to spend her youth learning how to farm with her adoptive father. She was happy learning how to cook from her adoptive mother. She was happy to play hide and seek with her little sister Luna, and stare at the stars with her on those warm summer nights. But when the world began to freeze with unnatural snow and ice, and the pony tribes began to go for each other's throats, Celestia's world is undone, and all she wants is to protect her little sister, no matter what.

But between ravenous snow spirits, superstitious ponies, and the machinations of those who would use them for their own ends, Celestia will struggle at every corner. Matters only become that much harder when her little sister begins to hear a voice in her dreams, calling her across the frozen wilderness with the only words Celestia remembers her true mother saying.

"Rise and shine."

A special thank you goes out to my editor, Chromio.

It is best to read this story with Night Mode turned on.

Chapter and cover art were all made by me.

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As the years drew on, Spike's childish heart grew into that of a true adult, longing for the finer things in life; the finest things. He pursues his relationship with Rarity, but all does not go as planned.

Filled with anger and sorrow, Spike and Rarity fall away from one another. In his grief, Spike pursues new interests, and their friendship is in danger of never recovering.

But perhaps the truest words in life are these: you do not know what you had until you have lost it. Jealous and alone, finding no comfort in stallions she once loved, can Rarity reclaim her one chance at true love, before it is too late?

Chapters (13)

Once a Princess, now a Lord, Ember sends a letter to Princess Twilight to a situation that involves Spike. The letter seems serious and the dragons are already on their way. What could it entail about Ember's journey to Equestria? What does it mean for Spike?

Update: A NSFW version... has appeared! Those whom wish to explore the... freaky side, follow the link! Dragon Tails
Featured 4/17/2016!

The Follow up sequel called The Dragon Lord's Legacy can be found here! here

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After an urgent summon from Fancy Pants, both Celestia and Luna attend Day court. However, a new precedent is set when Fancy Pants presents a male alicorn to the two princessess, one he found dumpster diving behind his house.

Not much else to say without spoiling a lot of the story. Just jump in and heave a read!

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After the slumber party at Rarity's, the humane 5 are shocked to discover that the pictures that were taken during the slumber party have been posted on Anon-A-Miss's page for the whole school to see. pictures that were taken using Sunset's phone.

Naturally the girls assumed that Sunset was Anon-A-Miss and when she didn't show up at School it further proved her guilt. But when they visited her apartment using the spare key Sunset gave Rainbow Dash in case of an emergency, they discover a very ill Sunset resting on her bed.

Pushing their anger aside to aid their sick friend the girls soon discover that Sunset is not Anon-A-Miss as whoever it is made a post while they were watching Sunset.

Now as they figure out who Anon-A-Miss could be, Sunset's fever continues to get worse and when her body starts flashing red, they realize that whatever Sunset has is beyond their world's ability to treat.

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Years have passed since Princess Luna returned home, but the younger sister always believed her mistakes were not entirely in the past. There was one more wound in need of mending: her most loyal subjects, bat-winged ponies, who pledged themselves to Nightmare Moon's cause and were paying the price to this day. Celestia condemned the idea of inviting Nightmare Moon's followers to the homes of her subjects; but Luna had to try, she couldn't watch those who pledged their lives to her being forced to hide, being hated by everyone. Luna gathered a team and began to sway the public opinion, as always, there was an opposition; and then, an old friend offered her support. How could she say no, especially to someone she knew so well?

Editing in progress by Love And What Came After.

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Luna's descent into Nightmare Moon could have been stopped by the ponies around her, if only they had not been so embroiled in their own petty squabbles and selfish desires.

'Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.'
~ Oscar Wilde

Chapters (32)

One would think that the wounded Trixie would appreciate Twilight Sparkle taking her in to nurse her back to health. But for some ponies, leaning on someone else isn't so easy. Their crossing of paths sets them both on a journey that neither of them would've expected...

Chapters (32)

Revered by their populace, the four immortal Alicorns have ruled Equestria with benevolence and kindness for five centuries, curating a meticulous balance that must not be disturbed. The Two-One system has survived everything that was thrown at it, and anything that threatens to disrupt that balance should be crushed at all costs.


DISCLAIMER: Sex tag ONLY for innuendo and jokes! Only a minor AU, VERY LITTLE has been changed from canon!
WARNING: Contains A LOT of profanity because I can't help myself
Fantastic cover art provided by Hoodwinked MCShelster on DeviantArt!
Proofread and edited by DarthBall, newbie, Bruscar, and Pen Dragon
Additional help provided by various members of the Changing Expectations discord server

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