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(Parody) Kate the college student loves ponies. But unwanted magnetism to her own gender has also made her a bit of a homophobe. Landing smack in the middle of Ponyville, she discovers (to her horror) that she is even more attractive to mares than she is to women. Her mission? Find actual friendship without being shipped. Whether or not she's successful... is entirely up in the air. A fun reversal and satirical poke at HiE tropes with heart to spare. As a small warning, while the story is not particularly explicit, there is quite a bit of innuendo which is played mostly for laughs.

Chapters (16)

*Despite the cover art this is not a human turned into a pony story.*

On his way to a meeting in the next town over, Lee James Harrison almost gets thrown off a snowy mid December road by a speeding pick up truck. After he was able to successfully evade said truck, he noticed something rather peculiar out of the corner of his eye right before he slammed into it and drove into a nearby ditch.

Waking up in a bed in a strange room, Lee Harrison finds himself torn from his family life and placed into a new life as a butler, working for a ruler of a species he's never seen before.

Cover art drawn by myself, digitized by RandomReader-001

Beginning Chapters and so on edited by: Bruceman360

*Character tags will be added as the story progresses*

Chapters (11)

Legends tell of a group of heroes, who fought the numerous forces of evil wherever they reared their ugly heads. It was foretold that, one day, they would return to finally rid the world of evil.

These legends were also completely made up, so instead we have these guys.

·William "BJ" Blazkowicz as himself (From Wolfenstein)
·Marine as DoomGuy (From DooM)
·Duke Nukem as himself (From Duke Nukem)
·Cyber as Mjolnir Recon Number 34 (from Marathon)
·Ranger as himself (from Quake)
·Parias as himself (from Hexen)
·Corvus as himself (from Heretic)
·Chex as Chexguy (from ChexQuest)

This is a collaboration between myself, RoyalUnicornJohn1994, Perception Filter, and Lord General Kelly.
Based very heavily on the Samsara Doom mod (demonstration here), which you can also pick up for yourself here (it's a mod, so of course it's free!).

Chapters (5)

Weasel was ignored all his life. He knew true pain. He had planned out the escape, and ensured the rest of his group's survival, yet they betrayed him, and murdered him on the bridge. Now, Weasel wakes up in a place where he is a unique being. The only one of his kind. He doesn't know how one moment he's dead, and the next he's alive, but one thing is ensured: Albert Arlington will NOT be ignored!

Chapters (13)

Princess Luna and Derpy Hooves are best of friends and share a love of gaming. They play, they own, and they dominate in the online gaming world. They're just freakin' awesome alright? Gaming is what brought these two together as friends but as time goes on (and Princess Celestia's antics) will this love of gaming bring them something more than they expected? Will they become More than Gamers?

Wrote this while I was blasted and drunk so if you hate it... I don't blame you at all. It's going to be a chapter fic so yeah, deal with it.

Based off the Ask Princess Molestia tumblr but a bit more tame... I think?

Rated T for alcohol, minor language, and a whole lot of sexual themes and what not. C'mon, if it's based off a Princess Molestia tumblr and you really don't expect sexual shit, then you need to be sent to the moon.

Chapters (22)

(A/N. A short one shot in hopes that more unused ideas will be brought to light)

They are the greatest beings of causing chaos outside Discord himself. They have left homes, towns, cities and more in ruins in their rampage. But they are not human, nor are they alien. They are simply the basic examples of hunter and prey.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to New Life in Equestria

Story collab with APoeticHeart.

It's been two months since the end of New Life in Equestria. Nyx catches a cold and while bringing her a glass of juice, Joshua accidentally gets hit with her magic when she sneezes. When he recovers from the blast, he finds himself inside Fluttershy's cottage with another human looking on.

This takes place after A New Home II: A Queen's Revenge and before A New Home III: The Quest for the Lost Locket in the Tobyverse.

Chapters (11)

One year after Gorrog was defeated, Hell has returned and a new demon has brought back Gorrog from his sleep,

Kingdoms all around Equestria feel the Black Tide as it emerges from Hell, its strength soon shall be put to the test as the survivors of the First Demon War prepare for a far larger assault, as Hell returns with a vengeance.

(This story is the sequel to Equestrian Doom, you can read it but I'll try to make it understandable for those who haven't.)

Chapters (15)

This story is a sequel to Doomguy Wants It

Nightmare Night finally arrived and Luna was having a wonderful time with Twilight. And everything was going well for the small town of Ponyville, 'till Rainbow Dash decided to prank the blood thirsty space marine that went berserk over Smarty Pants just a month back. Now please list all the things that can go wrong with that idea.

I'd like to say: All the ponies who are hurt or harmed in anyway in this story are not ponies I hate. This is not some type of trollfic or story I'm writing just so I can write about hurting one of them. I love all ponies deeply and equally *Cough*Except for Luna*Cough* and that *Cough*She's best pony*Cough* all of them get hurt equally.

Now please don't take this story seriously and have a Happy Halloween!

Chapters (1)

In search for a replacement for his pet Daisy (his rabbit). Doomguy finds himself in Equestria right after Twilight enchanted Smarty Pants with the Want it Need it spell. Now what could possibly go wrong with a Blood Thirsty marine who just defeated the minions of Hell more than once?

You may experience some naughty words!

don't worry the ponies don't swear.

Chapters (1)