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It has been four hundred and fifty years since the clans of Old Pegasopolis went into exile. The island-nation of Freeport languishes under the rule of the Necrocrats; what began as an idealistic experiment has become a new form of corruption, the ideals of the past lost amid the greed and vain ambition of lesser men. Clan Charger has been all but destroyed, while the Strikers and Doos teeter upon the brink of collapse. There is no hope for the future.

However, when a down-on-his-luck mercenary captain crosses paths with Torch, the last survivor of Clan Charger, it sets in motion a chain of events that will redefine the very face of Freeport itself.

Chapters (13)

Sunset Shimmer originally went to Freeport to escape Celestia's influence, and to make some progress towards becoming an alicorn princess. She's certainly done her share of good in the infamous city of rogues, but after almost two years away from Canterlot she doesn't feel any closer to achieving her big goals. At this point, any reasonable pony could wonder if they made a mistake...

Faced with the unpleasant prospect of possibly going back to Canterlot in order to advance her goals, Sunset finds herself with one last option to preserve her independence: the great dragon Argentium the Runescaled, far to the north, wants to meet with her. However, her journey becomes far more than a simple social call, and Sunset has no idea just how much danger she and her friends will face.

Or how much she'll have to sacrifice—not just for her dreams, but survival.

Chapters (25)

Frost Windchill is known to be a storyteller of sorts. Comfortable with telling the occasional sprite tale or legend, a child approaches him one day and asks for a real story.

And so Frost tells one- the story of his life. It's not a typical story, and there's more to it- just as there's more to the descendant of a Lunar Guard. It's a story not just of himself but the heroes he stood beside- big and small, legendary and obscure. But there's something amiss, buried lies between the lines.

After all, it's hard to kill memories when you remember everything.

(Cover done by the amazing Sw1tchbl4de. Check him out here! http://sw1tchbl4de.deviantart.com/

Larger version of cover art can be found here: http://sw1tchbl4de.deviantart.com/#/d4ovlt2)

Chapters (47)

Mr. Horse's pet courier has been murdered and his property stolen. And while the price on the killers' heads is good enough to get any bounty hunter's attention, it's the bonus for returning a silly little poker chip that draws Dead-Shot in.

A pony could retire on that kind of jackpot...

Chapters (28)

It's Button Mash's birthday and he's finally legal across all of Equestria. All he wants to do is stay in, work on his kill to death ratio in Thirst for Blood and maybe catch up on some back issues of Moanin' Mares. Unfortunately for him, he has two best friends who've decided they've had enough of him being helpless, repressed and anti-social.

Rumble has a plan: a night of bar hopping from one end of Ponyville to the other where, hopefully, Button Mash can find a girl to take home. Rumble is absolutely sure this is the going to be the best night of Button Mash's life. Button Mash is absolutely sure he just wanted to stay in. Shady Daze is absolutely sure he wants to keep his two best friends out of a prison cell.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

(Set in the same world as Einhander's 'Royals' and Cola_Bubble_Gum's 'Rum Punch'. All the events are set after both stories.)

Cover art by Silver_Tip
Edited by SpaceCommie
Proof-Read and Co-Written by Shub-Niggurath

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to Princess Twilight's Profoundly Peripheral Protector

Storm Kicker has faced many challenges as part of her duties as bodyguard to Princess Twilight Sparkle, and despite some initial difficulties, she has managed to adjust quite nicely to her new role.

That is, until she she faces the most terrifying enemy of her entire career in the Royal Guard: an unholy prankster alliance between Sparkler Doo, her own younger sister, and Ponyville's premier prankster Rainbow Dash. Can Storm and her princess face this threat and escape with their dignity intact, or will they become the laughingstock of Ponyville and all Equestria?

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Dresden Gets Schooled

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden's life has been even stranger than usual ever since he first got involved with Equestria. However, after his last adventure sent him to some strange high school dimension, things have finally settled down into something approaching normalcy. Or at least as normal as Harry's life ever gets. His new apprentice Sunset Shimmer is proving to be quite a handful, but Harry has experience with handling headstrong young women.

However, things take a turn for the worse when he learns that a new threat from Equestria has made its way to Earth. And naturally it's up to him to stop the Sirens before they rock the world's foundations.

Cover art by Pon3Splash

Chapters (6)

A routine flight brings inexperienced pilots to lose themselves in the Bermuda Triangle. But maybe they didn't just disappear? Maybe they went somewhere else? The Bermuda Triangle is a strange place, full of unknowns and horrible tales. This is the tale of Flight 19.

This is a collaboration story between Myself, Dave Morris, and Ty500600 (Retired).

We will be adding tags and characters as we see fit, because a good story is a dynamic one. We as authors can only plan for so much, and if for some unknown reason, we end up with some background character in the main cast, well, we'll add em in.
*spoiler alert*
it may also be to avoid spoilers.

Chapters (31)

Mis-communication has started many a war, but in this case maybe calling it a war was too generous.

The "war" is over, Twilight has successfully orchestrated a bloodless end to the Griffons' aggression, but only now does she realize that there is more to winning than she had first assumed, especially against a nation that holds war as a central part of their culture...

Now Twilight must deal with the aftermath while facing a challenge she never anticipated: being seen as a conqueror.

This can be read alone, but I recommend reading the letter that started it all for a chuckle and a little exposition. This series of expositional one-shots can also give some additional world-building.

Chapters (13)

Flash Sentry has a breakdown upon realizing that the last two girls he found attractive were actually transformed ponies, and begins questioning his sexuality.

Chapters (1)