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What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutie mark? And what is a cutie mark but a constant reminder that we're all only one bugbear attack away from oblivion?

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There's a bug under my bed. Or at least I think it's a bug.

It says it needs to stay under there to hide.

I just hope it leaves soon. And doesn't eat me before then.

Artwork by sweetsing.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to She's Awful

The original cover "art" is here for whoever might wish to see it.

After Principal Cinch reads an article about the state of things at Canterlot High (written by one of her students), she realizes that magic is spreading from the portal to Equestria. It's a sinister, mind-controlling force that must be stopped for the good of everyone.

Her goals justify being selective about honesty, but one has to be wary of believing their own lies. Especially when they tell so many.

Can Cinch figure out the truth? Can she keep control of her school? How did she become the woman she is? Why are there three strange girls trying to get into Crystal Prep in the middle of the semester?

Actually, that last one is probably entirely unimportant.

Once again thanks to Vikonaut for the incredibly in-depth, if slow, editing!

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A simple Tunneler drone is catapulted from Equestria during the infamous Wedding to Planet Earth. Confused, injured and alone, the drone must figure out how to survive in an alien environment with all of humanity watching.

(Crossovers with XCOM, Men In Black and Stargate: SG1)
(Changeling on Earth fic / Available to hire artists for a cover art commission! Current Cover art by Ashinda on FimFiction)

(People have apparently been turned off by the whole 'pet' thing in the title; it's only relevant for a few chapters and has nothing kinky or lewd about it. )

Chapters (57)

In a single night the world is changed forever after. Humanity has found out that it does not walk alone, that there are others out there. In the wake of this startling revelation, a young woman tries to find herself as her world is turned on its head.

This is an invasion, but the kind that no one was expecting.

Special thanks to Astrocity, Skeeter The Lurker, and The Cake Devil for all of their help editing this. If you guys have a minute go check out their stories. Also, I'd like to thank the many Anonymous animals on google drive. You never told me your secrets, but you were always there when everyone else was asleep.

Chapters (5)


Truth or myth? Ancient lost civilization or just an old pony's tale?

No pony has ever seen one, and most haven't even heard of them. But Lyra knows that these wonderful creatures are more than just old legends, and she's going to find out... and possibly drive her roommate insane in the process.

Chapters (31)

The Friendship Games are over. Crystal Prep has failed to trounce CHS, Cinch's manipulation of her best student is out in the open, as is the fact that the principal's actions nearly led to the fabric of the universe being torn apart.

Before Cinch can begin dealing with the aftermath, a certain someone invites her for a visit into a land of magic and friendship.

Special thanks to Vikonaut for his incredible patience and thoroughness in his proofreading, and to 7th Outpost for the initial criticism that opened my eyes to the fact that the story required heavy revising.

13.11.2015: Second day straight! Thanks everyone!

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The island of Equestria has appeared in the Pacific Ocean. After talks between both governments, humans and ponies have agreed to allow a cultural exchange between the two.

On the maiden flight from Hawaii to Equestria on Equestrian Airways Flight 9, people get the chance to talk to ponies in-person, but there is one woman who fears them. It becomes the mission of two caring passengers to find out why this woman booked a flight to Equestria when she's so afraid of ponies. And why is she so interested in Applejack and Rainbow Dash?

(DO NOT read the comments until after reading story if you don't want it spoiled :P )
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Ace Attorney-style deduction
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Heartwarming Moments that will make you want to cry
Celebrating Heroes of the Past

Chapters (1)

Caramel wasn't always a Changeling, but he's going to become one. And he's going to do it for the sake of his very special somepony.

Chapters (13)