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I am Cold, swirling snow that turns ponies against each other, searing ice that freezes them solid. I am Survivor, the one the Friendfyre spell didn't catch, an exception that proves an impossible rule. I am Fear, Frustration, Anger, Hatred, every emotion my Creator has ever felt. I am her Future. I am her Past.

I am Demon, and Clover the Clever is my Master.

Winner of Equestria Daily's Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest.

Featured in The Royal Canterlot Library on March 6th, 2015.

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A time-worn statue of a miserable mare stands in Canterlot's gardens. Legend has it it's Nightmare Moon herself, locked in the stone as a punishment for her crimes. Legend also has it that during the night, the statue quietly wails and sheds tears...


Cover based on the images from:

Proofread by Ginger and Grammarly :duck:

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Deep underground under the farmland of Sweet Apple Acres lives a familiar group of ponies. Anypony could tell you who these citizens were; most of them were once citizens of towns all over Equestria. Ponyvillians, Cloudsdale pegasi, Canterlot citizens. They were the lucky ones. After something went wrong that caused Princess Twilight of Ponyville to snap, the ponies who made it out unscathed needed a leader.

Rainbow Dash never thought of herself as a humble pony. She knew she was awesome, and she knew that everypony else needed to know.  That's why when Twilight Sparkle was "corrupted", as Starlight Glimmer would say, the cyan pegasus not only led but started the group that hoped to bring Twilight down. Nopony really knew what happened to Twilight. As far as everypony knew, her very mind was destroyed by her own magic. 

How different are things? Can they stop Twilight? Will anything ever be the same again? It’s only a time until the dark takes over...

Originally written during NaNoWriMo of 2020 and edited a bit, this specific story does NOT include the School of Friendship in its canon and happens before Twilight’s coronation. Most of seasons 8 and 9 are not canon to this story.

Tags will be updated as story progresses!

Story will update weekly.

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What everygriff said about ponies was true, Gelfand mused—they were some terribly confused creatures! If it wasn't friendship this, it was forgiveness that. Gelfand didn't presume to understand any of it; but what he did understand, was to never look a gift horse with a guilty conscience in the mouth!

But he had to admit, the more time he spent with this selfless enigma, the harder it was to watch as she wasted away in her bizarre pursuit of penance...

Cover art commissioned from the inimitable Rocket Lawnchair.

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This story is a sequel to Unchanging Love

The explosion of love from the defeat at Canterlot hit harder and reached farther than any changeling expected. Firefly felt the effects as much as any, but she also gained something wonderful and priceless from it. Though this gift brought her a kind of joy she had never expected, she fears one question more than anything.

What trials will she and Fine Roast face when the invasion's inevitable fallout reaches them?

Big thanks to Cursori, SigmasonicX, and Dogman15 (Chapters 2-5) for editing.

Amazing cover art by Pridark.

Friendly heads up. Beware the comments, they may contain spoilers!

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It has been almost one year since Twilight Sparkle ascended to rule Equestria along with her friends. The turbulent times are behind them, even if the year has been shaky at best. With the Grand Galloping Gala rolling out soon, she is eager for a relatively straightforward night with her former mentor.

That plan, however, falls through when the mother of said mentor smashes the party and a chunk of Twilight's jaw.

Mahogany Bloodmist, Queen of the Vamponies and mother of the two retired princesses, turns out to be a much more abrasive pony than Twilight could have ever anticipated, and that's putting it mildly. Yet her presence puts into motion a series of unexpected turns that forever change the lives of those around her. Twilight is going to need to find a way to earn her respect and friendship if she has any chance of survival.

All the while, Starlight Glimmer becomes intertwined in the history surrounding the circumstances of her childhood.

And could Discord be more ingrained in these events more than even he knows?

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Equestria is a mystical place with many mysteries, including a number of creatures that may or may not exist. In reality, nopony knows exactly what lurks out in the wild, hiding just out of sight, and there are many stories about enigmatic entities that supposedly haunt the land; one such being is known as Cheeseblood, an elusive pony who's said to appear at random to ponies in need. This is only one account of the fabled equine...

Art by Lyrabop
Cheeseblood belongs to ShepardInTheSky

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When Twilight receives a letter from one claiming to be a changeling, she is shocked. As she starts reading, however, she soon learns that there is far more to it than she ever suspected.

Reading by Goombasa.

The story had been translated to Russian: Here and Here

Special thanks to PoisonClaw for editing.

For the Weekly Prompt (changelings) of the Hazardous Writing Materials and Challenges

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This story is a sequel to To Be a Princess

It’s a wide world out there, and Zipp Storm wants to see it all. Too bad she spends most of her time locked up in a castle. The burdens of royalty and popularity don’t sit well on her shoulders—not like they do on her sister’s, at any rate. Her passions and destiny lie outside the walls of the castle or the streets of Zephyr Heights.

So what if she has to sneak out without getting caught? By this point, she’s pretty good at it.

Flurry Heart has found a kindred spirit.

Part 4 of Equestrian Scions, which began with Your Faithful Disciple; this story is preceded by To Be a Princess, and followed by the conclusion, Shine Like the Sun.

Cover art by Swaybat, used without explicit permission. If the use of the art offends, I will gladly remove it.

09/02 - 9/03 - Despite the controversy in the comments (or perhaps because of it), featured. Thank you, though given the feedback so far I think this is far from my best work.

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Celestia ascends the slopes of a mystical mountain to purify herself.

Originally written for the July 2019 Writeoff, with the prompt "Through Fire."

(2019-10-22) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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