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a home-grown australian who embraced being a member of the fandom 2 days before joining. Willingly delved into the fandom whole-heartedly and has never looked back

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After having fallen asleep Apple Bloom finds herself at the Golden Oaks Library during a thunderous storm. As the storm grows worse Apple Bloom begins to get more terrified by the minute. Twilight does her best to comfort the poor filly but with the storm carrying on all the way till the morning can the Alicorn princess help the little filly overcome her fears and get her through this long dreadful night?

Cover Art designed by: Cayfie

Proofread/Edited by: PoisonClaw & Level Dasher
Pre-read by: NavelColt

Note: This story takes place during Season 4.

Featured: 26/07/2017 - 02/02/2018

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Nick, an 8-year-old boy in New York, has been having a tough life ever since he was younger. At four years of age, his parents died in a car wreck. When he was in 1st grade, he was picked on in school for being an orphan. Recently, he was kidnapped by a wicked pawn shop owner who stole and hid away a diamond somewhere in a nature preserve. But what he didn't know was that the gem reacts to the full moon, sending him off somewhere, taking the diamond with him.

The next thing he knows, he finds himself in an old castle, not knowing how he got there. Not only that, but he finds himself in a completely new body, one of the opposite gender. Nick was now a black alicorn filly, with a mane that looks like the night sky, and turquoise dragon eyes. She also had on a blue helmet and four blue horseshoes. Nick has no idea where he is, what he had become, or what he was wearing, but he has to find a way back to his world in his original form.

But how will the ponies of Equestria take it when they see a filly Nightmare Moon? This will be a very confusing or shocking to the Main 6 and Spike. This is going to be one heck of an adventure.

This story is based on Living Nightmare by Autum Breeze, but we're doing this story early in the series, and with a kid that had a lot of trouble through his life.

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"So, it's been a few months. I haven't heard back from anyone. I need to find some other way to call for help..."

Stranded on the moon thanks to her own recklessness, Della Duck is nearly at the end of her rope. But no matter, she will find a way back home to her boys! Oh, and her brother as well! ...wait, who's that mysterious figure watching her?

Is it madness setting in, or is she not as alone as she thought she was...?

Or where instead of a civilization, Della finds herself alone together with a fallen Princess...

(Ducktales crossover, not making any money off it Disney! Proofread by TheRedParade)

(Featured on 1/19/21 in normal and mature boxes, same on 1/20/21 and same on 1/21/21 and on 1/22/21)

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My take on the whole "Anon-A-Miss" incident.

After hearing what is happening on the other side of the mirror, Twilight cant help but feel she has seen this before. After finally understanding why, she travels to the other side and help Sunset to clean her name.

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Whenever somepony would ask, Derpy always said that Dinky was hers. Some would always question that, saying that she herself was too young to have a filly Dinky's age. But still, Derpy always said that Dinky was her's and no other ponies. But while the statement always was the truth. It hid a dark and terrible secret.
One that almost cost a baby filly her life, if not for a wall-eyed young mare.

Found this comic and it caused so much feels that a story popped up in my head that I had to write.
Comic by: Beavernator

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After seeking refuge in Equestria during the Anon-A-Miss fiasco, Sunset Shimmer is stranded in Equestria. Convinced that she's just not cut out for friendship, Sunset throws herself back into her studies. Unfortunately for her, all the magic around CHS has attracted the attention of a certain spectacled scientist. When her device accidentally pulls the mysterious energy from the statue in front of the school, she is shocked when an amber unicorn was pulled out with it. With the portal not working, the two must work together to gather the energy needed to send Sunset home from the only magical source left to tap: Sunset's former friends, all while dealing with the overbearing principal of Crystal Prep as the Friendship Games approach.

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Cozy Glow has a problem, it's her conscience it's been bugging her for a while and it's about time she got rid of it. With this last hurtle out of the way all she has to do is take over Equestria. yeah so what if she's split herself in two not her problem anymore, right? Well this new Cozy doesn't know why but now she's on her own in a world that hates and despises her.

Tirek and Chrysalis are waiting so there's no time to deal with her unwanted twin, time to have in her words "to much fun".

Meanwhile Twilight deals with her responsibilities of ruling Equestria and Starlight and Trixie set out on a world wide Magic tour. Unbeknownst to them a part of Cozy Glow remains free in a new body and has yet to sort out her lot in life.

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Twilight meets a filly she feels bears a strong resemblance to herself. Impassioned arguing ensues.

Centered around the events of S9 MLP episode: Common Ground. Beware of spoilers.

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If you could peer into the future, and see the exact cause, and time of your demise, how would that change your life? What if you saw the future and learned that that day was today? That's the dilemma Cozy Glow is faced with in this alternative version of the Ending of the End. In a dark twist, she uses Discord's chaos magic to take a peek into the future, and catches an early glimpse of her devastating defeat. Is there a way to prevent this horrible future from coming to fruition? Or is Cozy destined to an eternity of suffering? What does it take to make the change?

My second entry for the Cozy Glow Short Story Contest

Prompt: Cozy’s got a secret! Whether or not it’s hers is for her to know and you to find out.

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Everything happens for a reason, even if you don't know what that reason really is. After some untold period of time, Cozy Glow awakens and finds herself freed from her imprisonment. Unsure of where she is, how long she's been gone, or how she escaped, there's one question that haunts her and demands an answer - why was she released...

Artwork by Rhorse

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